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5 Hot apps for home renovations

Nowadays, apps have become an inseparable part of home renovation. By using them, you can easily plan your new home or individual rooms such as the bathroom, the bathroom or the living room. Indeed, they have made our lives much easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular home renovation applications.

  • ColorSnap


Without a doubt one of the most advanced applications for home improvement, ColorSnap is a great solution for all those who wish to tinker with colors before they actually apply them on their walls. This amazing app was created by Sherwin-Williams and it allows you to plan color scheme for your home. It is rather easy to use. Peron needs to scan a color chip. After that, sample will appear on the phone. Colors can easily be swiped on so you can try different combinations. But, that is not all. There is also a suggest section.  Naturally, this application was made primarily for Sherwin-William’s potential buyers. Nevertheless, if you figure out the desired color, you can shop anywhere you like.

  • Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz is one of the most influential design websites on the Internet. That being said, it is no surprise they have created their own home renovation app. Houzz Interior Design Ideas is mainly preoccupied with providing fresh ideas. Homeowner can relax, take his phone and browse through a collection of different photos. He can check various types of rooms and products. Houzz team curates products so that a user can easily make his decision. Furthermore, app provides a list of local architects and contractors which can help you out when you finally decide what you wanna do. It is a great addition for your planning process and we are certain you will like it.

  • Magic Plan

With this incredible app, you are able to create a map of your home. First, you need to take pictures of you home and individual rooms. Then, all this data is used to create a virtual space which should mimic your own home. It creates an accurate scheme of your home with all the objects. In fact, there is a list of more than 400 objects so no matter what kind of stuff you got in home, it can be easily presented in this app. After Magic Plan creates the virtual model of you home, you are able to modify it as you see fit.

  • TapPainter

As its name implies, TapPainter is used for planning colors. Similar to Magic Plan, you need to start by taking photos of your home. Then, you can do apply different colors within the app and see how they fit. This application gives you a lot of room for tinkering. Provided color pallet is simply incredible. App can also recognize the color of your furniture allowing you to apply that same color on the wall. This way, you can create an amazing interior without having to repaint or replace your furniture.

  • Mark On Call

Here is another amazing app. Mark On Call helps you determine the actual size of objects in our home. It is a great tool for space planning. You can use it to switch up the objects in your home and see how it will look afterwards. It is probably the dominant tool for this particular function.

Nowadays, it is really easy to plan your home renovation. There are apps for almost anything. Truth be told, you can plan the whole renovation by using only these 5 apps. In the end, they are among the best ones in their respective classes so there is no need to browse for anything else.


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