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Control What You Share With Kaboom

These days, our time online is very linked to social networks, even by sharing, creating or even simply watching content on them. However, one downside of social media is that the content creators often lose control over it, and there is hardly anything they can do to avoid this.

But what if that could be different? What if there was a way for us to control what we publish or send, not only online but offline (SMS, for example) as well? The fact is that this is now a reality, with a new app developed by AnchorFree, the creators of the popular Hotspot Shield application.

Kaboom is a free app that lets users post pictures and messages that self destruct, not only on social networks like Twitter and Facebook but also on messages sent via SMS, WhatsApp, or even email. All that content is deleted after a given amount of time or after the recipient sees it, according to the sender’s desire, putting users in control of their pictures and messages on every major social network.

This app, that is launching today in the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android, respectively, does not require that recipients create an account or even have Kaboom installed on their phone to view messages, while all messages are delivered in a secure HTTPS web link.

According to David Gorodyansky, AnchorFree CEO and founder, “Kaboom is a natural extension of AnchorFree’s mission while our popular Hotspot Shield app enables users to consumer content securely and privately, Kaboom enables users to create and share content ephemerally”.

Be sure to give this app a try if you have any concerns about privacy or want to keep control over all the stuff you publish to social media and send to contacts when communicating with them.

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