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Do you really require screen protectors on your smartphones and tablets?

Do you really require screen protectors on your smartphones and tablets?

It is a no brainer that smartphones are expensive. At the end of the day, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end smartphone just to end up with a scratched screen. The technology of smartphone manufacturing is improving rapidly.

A lot of people still use screen protectors to protect their screens, although they’ve now become less necessary.

Screen protectors are now old school but once were mandatory. It is due to the advancements in coating and glass technology that they’ve become obsolete.

If you purchase a phone nowadays, the chances are, that you don’t need to get a screen protector.

Understanding Screen Protectors

It is a thin sheet of clear plastic that you stick to the screen of your smartphone. The sheet is crafted in a way that it perfectly fits your device shape and uncovers holes for speakers and buttons. This is precisely why you need different screen protectors for various devices.

The process of applying a screen protector is pretty simple:

  1. Clean your device screen with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Apply some soapy water to your protector, then press it gently on top of your screen.
  3. Make sure that you position your protector properly and apply it flat on the screen. This would make sure that you don’t get bubbles on your screen.

And this is how you get a plastic “shield” on your device. After this, your screen glass won’t be scratched, only your protector would be scratched. And, changing protectors is lot easier than replacing glasses.

How Gorilla Glass revolutionized the whole thing?

Like I mentioned above, screen protectors are old school now. Modern devices come with tough screen protection built in them. The majority of smartphones entering the market now have Gorilla Glass. This is a tough, hard glass with high resistance to scratches.

The company “Corning” has been releasing various versions of Gorilla Glass over the span of time. They were introduced in 2013 and were known to be 40% more scratch resistant than its predecessor.

If your phone isn’t 5 years old, it is fairly resistant to scratch itself.

In case you are using a screen protector, it might happen to you that you see a few scratches and think that your protector is doing its job right. But, this isn’t complete truth. There are some materials that can only scratch the plastic screen and not your phone’s glass screen.

The modern Gorilla Glass display is so good that even the keys in your pocket can’t scratch the display. It is harder than the metal used in coins, keys, and some other household items.


If you’ve ever used a plastic protector, you must be aware that it changes your touch experience. It starts feeling grippier and softer. Also, your phone looks a bit different with a sheet of plastic between the screen and your hand. Also, you might also pick up some scratches that may not be picked with the actual screen, which could be an annoyance.

All this is valid if you applied your protector in the right way. If you don’t get it done the right way, you would get cracks and bubbles under your protector and might even need a new protector.

So, why do you need a Screen Protector?

There are some materials that can still scratch Gorilla Glass. One of the worst things that can mess with your screen is sand. If you visit a beach and come back with some sand in your pocket, your smartphone screen may rub against the grains and get a scratch.

Hard rock and stones work in a similar way. If you drop your smartphone on rocks and it skids across (for some reason), your display has fair chances of being scratched.

There are some types of glass, rare minerals and tough materials like diamond which can also harm your Gorilla Glass screen.

So, if you are someone who spends a lot of time on areas with sand and rocks, you should definitely get a screen protector.


Although Gorilla Glass is a hard glass, but still having a plastic protector works sometimes. Tempered screen glass protectors are something that you should consider using. Apart from that, to get the ultimate safety for your mobile devices, you should use a case or cover. Here is a guide to help you choose a good cell phone case.


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