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The Lifeline of Your Business – Dedicated Server Hosting

Web projects with complex requirements need a reliable hosting – best on a dedicated server. In this variant, the server hardware resources, such as processor, memory, and hard drive are provided exclusively for your projects. You benefit from the full power and your server depend on exactly as you need it.

Dedicated Server Hosting for you means unparalleled reliability and top performance, tailored to your needs. Dedicated Servers are the convenient, safe and cost-effective solution. So you do not have the same acquire its own server and save the cost of maintenance and protection of the hardware.

With the service provider, you select different package sizes of the dedicated server that fits your needs best. You will get all essential server features such as the operating system basics for your domain (s) and your mail system, support for various programming languages ​​(PHP, Perl, Python) and databases, monitoring and remote services.

You can complete Your Dedicated Server Hosting quickly as needed with additional features. For example, you know with the advanced monitoring services exactly whether all your services are fully available, and may optionally react immediately.

Dedicated Server Hosting with all the trimmings includes:

  • Dedicated Server as a Linux, Windows or Managed (Linux) Description
  • Top Hardware and Maximum Security
  • Dedicated Server Hosting with full root access and comfortable administration
  • Important foundations for programming, mail and web hosting
  • Multiple IP addresses and unlimited traffic
  • Transparent cost structure and flexible booking options
  • Power administered server is adapted to the individual needs of the client.
  • The customer does not have its own trained staff with knowledge of the problems of server management.

It is possible to order a dedicated server hosting panel, using which you will receive at their disposal a simple, yet powerful hosting control panel for an unlimited number of Web sites, e-mail, databases, FTP accounts, and others. All configurations of dedicated servers are based on a quality and proven hardware equipment. Kits can be offered on request to expand.

  • The ability to install any OS
  • Granting licenses for different software
  • KVM over IP for free
  • Restart the server for free
  • Full-service hardware equipment
  • Meeting the individual needs of the customer
  • Hierarchical user management (beneficial for hosting resellers)
  • Management re-running processes
  • One panel for several servers
  • Manage an unlimited number of domains

Dedicated managed servers are an excellent option for those who do not want to invest heavily in hardware equipment and at the same time does not want to or cannot deal with the administration server on their own.

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