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Top 5 eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2016

The eCommerce business one started as an experiment, has grown as one of the biggest business assets with internet serving as its backbone. But with the rapid growth of the idea of eCommerce industry, the number of competitors in the field has also grown simultaneously. So, in order to stand out as a renowned eCommerce brand, the first thing that comes to your mind is a purely functional and effective eCommerce website.


So here we bring you some of the latest trends in eCommerce Web Development that claims effective results:

1) User-friendly Interface:


‘Standing out of the crowd’ may be the call, but when it comes to selecting the User Interface for your eCommerce website, simplicity is the game changer. With an innumerable number of different user interfaces that are flowing over the internet, a user doesn’t like to get into the complications of surfing a site with a complicated user interface for his online shopping needs. Owing to this, most eCommerce website development companies now use standard and user-friendly websites for their eCommerce clients.

2) Images Speak:


No one wants to waste his time reading lengthy product descriptions, but prefer image representation with explicitly zoomed details. This trend in eCommerce web development has been widely accepted and is advised by every eCommerce website development service provider. A clear image representation of the product followed by a crisp and precise product specification is the go.

3) Dynamic Product Search:


As the latest trends follow, the trend of Dynamic Product Search has come up as a more preferred approach for an eCommerce website. The eCommerce web development service providers use JavaScipt and Ajax support to develop on click dynamic product search results for the users to enjoy the direct product-specific search instead of unwanted surfing between your website pages.

4) Video and Motion Animation Representation:


According to the latest trends as of 2016, eCommerce website development has become a more representation-specific approach. With the use of motion animation and video representation of your products you can offer your products an effective and memorable shopping experience, that is surely effective in emotionally proactive and aesthetically appealing products like jewelry, fashion, gift and home décor products, etc.

5) Responsive Web Design with Added Functionality for Mobile Devices:


As the increasing rate of internet penetration through mobile devices, eCommerce industries is also one of the most visited areas through mobile devices. So, the eCommerce Web Development Companies are more concerned towards crafting responsive eCommerce website designs that are completely compatible with mobile devices. With this, added functionality like long scroll feature may be added to make the online shopping experience for mobile users easier and preferable.

So here are some trends to follow for your new eCommerce website. With this, you can get peerless eCommerce Website Development Services at most competitive market price at – [email protected]

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