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Infallible ways to Keep Farm Burglars at Bay!

The term ‘Farm Crime’ did not evolve until recently when many cases of rural theft and vandalism came into the limelight. These farm heists include crop and livestock burglary, stealing copper wires, storage tanks, fuel, generators, solar panels, scrapped irrigation systems, etc.

While the farmers are taking precautionary measures to limit such occurrences of burglary, even the criminals are getting smarter day by day. Anything from fixing the lights to prohibiting the trespassers is an initiative taken to deter crime and take down the robbery stats.

To explore more measures, farmers may get help from their state government and there is no one else better to talk to other than your sheriff. Here, we are jotting down a few sheriff-endorsed ways to remove the mask of would-be burglars on your farm.


Know the inside-outside of your ranch!

The first and foremost thing you need to do in order to safeguard your farm is to carry out a thorough survey. If you think that you are not proficient enough to conduct such a security inspection of your premises, never hesitate to knock on the door of some professional.

You may also look out for some rural crime prevention program being run by the authorities that you might not have known about for all this while. The rural crime specialists of such a program are always more than ready to give away any kind of help you might need to discourage rural crime.

The common advice from such an inspection would be to start securing the outer perimeters first and then, work upon the interior thefts. For starters, fixing fences, keeping a dog, posting signs to prohibit entry of unknowns can be done and that too very easily and quickly. These measures prove beneficial for curbing the common thefts such as the ones of generators, welders, tools from barns/sheds/outbuildings, and more.

Keep a count of your stuff on your tips!

Count the exact number of your livestock, machines, and other stuff. Also, you should know the exact whereabouts of all everything mentioned. It is a good idea to make a video of your inventory and assets to keep as a proof. This may prove as a valuable context for the insurance purpose as well in case the theft occurs. And, it is understood to keep such evidence off-site.

Never hesitate to claim your assets!

The FBI itself has established several methods to curtail rural theft. One such initiative is the OAN (owner applied number) which is a unique 10-digit number used to identify the state, country, and the owner. This permanent number can be stamped, tagged or tattooed on any and every asset and tool.

Get some falcon eyes and elephant ears!

It is obvious that you cannot be present everywhere and keep a watch on everything. To help yourself to monitor your property in a better way, spend some bucks on a surveillance system.

Just angle your cameras towards the theft prone areas/assets, integrate them with motion detectors, and get instant notifications on your mobile device whenever there is any glitch.

It is advisable to install the cameras in hidden places to avoid tampering and vandalism. You can also use advanced technology like laser trippers and infrared cameras for added protection.

Grow the number, grow the security!

Security comes in layers and bundles! The more is the number of people who are looking after the property, the safer it becomes. Arrange a meeting with your neighbors and ask them to form a network along with the police for regular checks around the fields and groves.

Even the master of burglars will think twice to step on your property or run with any of your assets when he knows that ‘someone’s always there’.

These were a few of the many steps one could take to curb rural crime. Starting with the most basic ones is definitely a good idea.

So that is it! Have fun guarding your farm!


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