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Monitoring of airplanes and flights

The Paris Air Show is currently taking place and the two major companies in competition with one another are Boeing and Airbus with respect to their newest planes. The planes these companies have come up with contain the best technology which makes it possible to predict the failure of parts to how the weather is going to be in real time. The engine too is likely to be monitored every second due to the various parts it has.


While the amount of data is not “Google big”, it still nevertheless is big as stated by a Business Development Manager at UTC Aerospace Systems which is one the biggest suppliers of high tech sensors in the industry. The things which these sensors are capable of include monitoring the various engine parts’ temperatures and even sensing a change in the flight plan of the plane. The manager also explains that it is possible that the plane is using more fuel due to the condition of the wind or perhaps the plane has been taken off its plan by the pilot for no reason at all; perhaps a part is not working properly or something has happened to the aircraft; all such information is monitored by the analysts on the ground who can respond immediately.

While the safety and the security of everyone is the top most priority, taking such precautions can ultimately help in saving time and money as well.

The weather is yet another aspect to think about. Southwest Airlines and UPS send data back to the National Weather Service to provide them with specific data with regard to the weather conditions of their location for instance humidity, turbulence and even the potential of icing. By providing such an accurate forecast, flight scheduling can be done in a better manner and thus disruptions can be reduced. Bloomberg states that flight delays result in $8 billion worth of losses for the industry.

According to the Southwest Airlines’ Director of Flight Ops Compliance and Operations, there are secondary benefits for engaging in such predictive analysis as well for instance being able to avoid the failure of engines or even public relations disasters. With the use of such tools, the pilots, the employees and the mechanics are all more aware of what is going on.

For the future, the plan is for aircrafts to make use of data analysis which takes place at the headquarters for updating pilots in real time. It is even possible that pilots have internet connection with the ground staff, can make use of sensor data to optimize the usage of fuel in the best possible manner and to adjust the flight path almost immediately if need be. Pilots’ Electronic Flight Bags can also be updated constantly with new data.

Plane sensors which are in use currently are creating a lot of data that the airline needs to be ready to make use of everything that is being generated. Without the right tools, the data won’t be used for the purpose it is intended.

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