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Fabric Steamer vs Iron in 2016

Everyone loves to look sharp, unless of course if you are a clown. Putting in mind that there are not too many clowns in the world, a huge chunk of us need to look presentable on a daily basis. Whether you are a tuxedo person and everything you breathe is suits and office wear or whether you are a casual person who prefers jeans and T-shirt, you need to have your clothes straightened.

Straightened clothes are a sure way of looking good and feeling good. Being trim and crisp can be a big confidence boost especially in high tension situations like when negotiating a big deal or when dealing with an important customer.

For clothes to look neat, they need the action of a fabric steamer or clothing iron. Both can be effective at removing creases and many people are torn between buying a fabric steamer or an iron. Even though they are used for almost similar purposes, there exist differences in their functionality and capability as listed below:

The iron.

There are two types of irons, steam iron and dry iron. Some irons can function as both dry and steam irons. An iron works by the action of pressing on a garment with a heated sole plate. A steam iron generates steam through micro holes called steam vents and is more effective in the removal of creases.

Irons have different heat settings that are suitable for a range of fabrics.

The Pros:

1. It gives more crisp and sharper look to clothes than a fabric steamer. Apart from just removing wrinkles, a hot iron can add more detail to clothes to give it a more appealing look.
2. Irons are excellent when working with trousers, shirts, blouses and dresses.
3. Most irons heat up quickly and maintain temperatures without fluctuations.
4. Some Steam irons have vertical steaming option which works as well as some steamers.

The cons:

1. Irons are not appropriate when dealing delicate fabrics like silk or polyester as they can easily damage them.
2. Irons are difficult to use on some areas of clothing such as around pleats and button areas.
3. The sole plate of an iron can get scratched or accumulate dirt which can lead to spoiling of clothes during ironing.

The Fabric Steamer.

A fabric steamer straightens clothes by the action of steam. A jet of steam is directed at a hanging cloth through a steam ward which is held at a slight distance from the cloth. The hot steam relaxes the fibers and this leads to straightening. It is very effective in the removal of tough creases even on heavy fabrics.


The Pros:

1. It can be used to straighten hanging clothes and drapes such as curtains
2. It can be used to straighten delicate fabrics without the risk of scorching.
3. It is gentler on clothes than an iron and less likely to stain or wear clothes out quickly.
4. It is very effective in the removal of creases even on material such as wool.
5. Steamers are faster than irons and are more convenient because they are light.
6. A steamer does not require an ironing board saving space.

The Cons:

1. It cannot be used to press a crease on a cloth and therefore produces lesser appealing results compared to an iron.


The choice between a fabric steamer and an iron is usually a matter of preference. However, it is important to put in mind your specific needs because one might be more suitable over the other for specific purposes. If torn in between the choice of an ordinary iron and a fabric steamer, you may consider acquiring both.


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Alfred Obrien is an avid reader of technology blogs and updates and his passion for fashion and clothing industry made him the professional ironing expert. He frequently writes on about the top rated irons.

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