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Celebrity Hotel Habits [Infographic]

Any respectable hotel puts the needs of their guests as a top priority, yet when the guests are rich and famous their requests and behaviours are sometimes bizarre to say the least. This infographic takes a look at some of the stranger requests celebrities ask hotel staff for during their stays and highlights some of the unacceptable destruction they leave behind.

Asking for an extra pillow, replenishment of toiletries or clean towels is wholly acceptable, but when the rich and famous are staying they ask for extras that are beyond the norm, such as requesting that the doors handles are disinfected every couple of hours, that staff enter and leave the room backwards or sending staff out for Starbucks beverages, is taking the hospitality above and beyond the call of duty.

Likewise, would you book a room for the sole occupancy of your sunglasses, ask for the entire room to be redecorated or a plush animal print throw rug be added to the room? These are just a few of the unusual requests made by A-list celebrities.

When you check-out of a hotel you aren’t expected to make the bed or clean the bathroom, but then you probably wouldn’t leave the room in a state of chaos and mayhem either. Some celebrities think nothing of trashing a hotel room and of picking up the repair bill. For them money is irrelevant and as long as they have and do what they want their hotel stay will be a good one in their opinion.

If you want to do a little celebrity spotting, or stay in the same room as your favourite celeb has, the infographic includes some hotels from around the world frequented by past and present famous people for you to take your pick from. The rooms and suites will not be budget, but for the kudos of bumping into someone famous the cost is immaterial.

Credits: The Daffodil Hotel & Spa

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