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How to Spot the Best Amplifier

A good stereo amplifier is the driving force for any PA system or speaker. You must choose the right amplifier to get the quality of sound that you desire. The best approach is to pick an amplifier that has twice the power rating of the loudspeakers. Stereo amplifiers are made of the same devices but their output levels vary across different brands. How do you choose the best amplifier? Here is a buying guide with the main aspects that you must consider in order to make the right choice.


Wattage refers to the measure of electrical power that a stereo amplifier can take. The rated wattage of an amplifier indicates the level of electrical power that the model can take without any physical damage or distortion. As indicated earlier, the best rule of thumb is to buy an amplifier whose power is equal to twice the continuous power rating of the speaker. Hence, you need to consider the rating of the speakers to determine the best stereo amplifier.

The amplifier’s power output is given in terms of the RMS (continuous power) and peak. Manufacturers give different recommendations of the two aspects. However, the RMS and peak specifications do not affect the quality of sound. The quality depends on your ability to use the amplifier safely within its power output limit.


You must consider the speaker’s impedance rating to determine the right amplifier to use. The impedance describes the measure of the electrical resistance of the speaker against the current that flows from the amplifier. If the speaker has low impedance, it will require more current from the amplifier to function at its optimal level.

Most speakers have an impedance rating of 8 ohms. The most important consideration then becomes the wattage of the speaker and amplifier. For instance, if the speaker has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and wattage of 350watts, it will require an amplifier with a power rating of 700 watts. Consider the watts per channel when using stereo speakers.


Additional headroom in an amplifier enables it to send clear and undistorted signals to the speakers. The headroom refers to the difference between the normal and the maximum level of signals that an amplifier can pass to the speakers without any distortion. The headroom is an important consideration if you want to play clear music. If you are unsure about the specifications of amplifier models, I suggest you check out a review site first. These reviews by Speakexpert compare the specifications of the current models including their headroom, wattage, and impedance.


It is clear from this article that you cannot choose the best amplifier without considering the specifications of the speakers. The best approach is to buy the two items at the same time. However, you can pick the best amplifier on the market based on its power, headroom, and impedance and then buy a matching speaker. Remember to visit various review sites and compare different brands of amplifiers to make an informed decision.

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