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10 cool Gadgets for call center entrepreneur

My most probably asked question is, what are the basic necessary technology to start a call center business and then transform for a never ending business setup with best ever customer service? The answer I got from many others is, the call center gadgets we are using in our business, selection of that depend on many reasons, some of them are: the determination of call center, volume of agents and daily call in a single day. Either they want for their business is premise software or cloud, auto dialer or manual, more channels for support or less in press-1 campaign and willing to connect customers with social media for flexible and stable communication.


There’s a plethora of sophisticated call center gadgets and technologies, systems, applications and tools available to operate a call center. The challenge is to select the right technology, implement it properly, and then optimize performance on a day-to-day basis. Below are define, some of the necessary and compulsory gadgets list for call center entrepreneurs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR is not the latest gadgets in call center industry but, it is the finest gadget use in call center entrepreneur, as sometimes the flow of conversation and accent of agents become a hurdle to achieve the target point. To cover that point, business’ executives get support of IVR gadgets to communicate with customers, either any agent is available or not, IVR technology works without any interference with double productivity.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Another amazing call center gadget which is use to cut the overflow of incoming calls and transfer to the available agents is Automatic call distributor, it has different leveraging, but most attractive are: it cut the overflow of calls and by transfer call to available agents, customers get quick connection with representatives.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is must have call center gadget for call center entrepreneur, either calls are dial or receive. Avatar predictive dialer connect calls for blended opportunities which dial multiple numbers and connect live calls to available agents that deducts the wait time, detect answering machine and record the message to answering machine and increase the business and agents productivity and sales growth up to double of last time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Call center will not work anymore without representatives who offer their services and solved customer’s problems with experience, same as call center technology will not work smoothly and extraordinary without integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With CRM, executives and agents create their daily reports and set future goals and strategies to achieve them. Not only this, they directly put customer’s information from live call to CRM.

Workforce Management Software

If you are the owner of call center, executive or supervisor and faced problems to enforcement of tasks, daily schedule updates, projects deadline, training classes and future goals, then all your business need is Workforce Management Gadget for your business to meet all the up define problems and work smoothly with productivity.

Voice Broadcasting Press-1

An emerging call center gadget to broadcast the voice message to hundreds and thousands of folks. With voice broadcasting, by clicking simple button executives can broadcast their message to targeted audience and if end users are interested to gives message then they dial “Press-1” to connect with live agents and get instant services from the broadcasting company.

Screen popup and web-based script display

When we connect with someone, whom we didn’t know well, and feel hesitate to communicate with him but this issue, you will never face with our call center gadget’s screen popup and web-based script display always tell you who is connected with you to ease your hesitation and expand your conversation.

Web-based Reporting

The best way to analyze the effort which is enforced by the executives and representatives from different ways is Web-based reporting. By reporting your daily connected calls and sales, executives can monitor the flows and make strategy to overwhelm the week points.

Call Recording

How to examine that the customers connected with your agents are satisfy and happy from the services of your staff? The effective way is, by recording calls for quality assurance and also examine the handling and problems solving capacity of customers.

Skill Base and Authorize Routing

With our call center gadget, business will relish skill based and authorize routing, to spread the live calls to available agents for best connectivity and customer experience.

Call center business is nothing without these call center gadgets, as these gadgets will allow your business to expand the routes and branches. With these gadgets, your business would be an emerging business.


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