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About Social Casino Games And Their Future

With internet and social networks having made their way into almost every home of the world, online social casinos have also increased greatly in popularity. It doesn’t come as a surprise that social casinos are counted amongst the best advances in gaming industry over the past one decade. While people generally look casino establishments in bad light, they don’t view such entertaining social platforms the same way. Many believe, it was the introduction of Zynga poker on Facebook that changed everything. If we go by the statistics, as many as 350 million people world over had played Zynga poker at some point of time, in the year 2014. The game continues to attract millions of active players each week.

On the other hand, online casino platforms are also gradually making a space for themselves in people’s lives and in their entertainment schedules. Many such Internet-based casinos offer online pokies free spins to their new players, thus helping them get a first-hand feel of their platforms.

Focusing our attention back on the social casino gaming, let’s understand how these platforms are expected to evolve in the coming times.

The reasons behind their popularity

Many casino enthusiasts give a confused look when asked about the growing popularity of such social platforms. They often perceive casinos solely as places to gamble with real money, to win real money. However, that’s not how everyone perceives them.

A large number of people prefer playing the same games but perhaps without risking any of their money, and these are the people driving the popularity of these social casinos. Having said that, please note there are still many opportunities to spend actual cash on the features of these social casino games, for instance, to buy extra credits.

Research has revealed some of the primary reasons why people are indulging more and more in such social casino games are: mental stimulation, social interactions, relaxation and stress relief. The focus isn’t entirely on winning money, there’s a social aspect to the entire thing, which is often ignored in a conventional casino environment.

In addition, real money casinos aren’t available in every country and even the places they are available at, there might be heavy regulations. Social casinos don’t normally face any such stringent restrictions. As a result, they can be easily accessed by a great multitude of potential players from all parts of the world. It should also be noted that as many as 46% of all social gamers are women, a percentage far higher compared to any traditional casino establishment.

What the future holds?

Social casino gaming is a fairly raw industry, however, is expected to grow significantly considering the advancements that are happening in the digital technologies these days. See how this startup is using social gaming to build a clean energy future!

Couple of areas where social casino gaming might expand to in the coming times include:

Live dealer games Many online casinos offer live dealer games to their players these days. These have been growing consistently in popularity and it won’t be long before they are adopted by the social casinos as well.

VR and AR based social casinos It won’t be very hard for social casino platforms to successfully adopt the augmented reality technology, for instance, through use of scannable paper napkins or beer mats. On the other hand, virtual reality is expected to take social casino gaming into another new dimension. The social casino gamers of the future would just need to put on a headset and play with their friends in almost-real casino environments!

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