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7 Tips and Resources to make your marketing thrive

Today’s methods of promoting a business make it almost impossible for a business to thrive. In the past, promoting a new business was an easier and more economical mission but since the advent of the internet marketing has become a choice of wide array of methods and options to choose from. The fact is, there are plenty marketing tactics that can be used to optimize your business. Luckily, we have come up with 7 tips that you can use to promote a business whether you have a budget or not.


  • Quality Content

A great content is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to promoting a business. You could not have a good promotion of your business if you don’t spend enough time and effort on how you present it. Content must be based on both original idea and sufficient information and be written in an appealing way. You could create an amazing content by yourself if you are good at writing, but also find someone to do this. Assignmentmasters is a great example of professional writing team. After all, you may even find a great writer on your own team and use their expertise for all your content needs.

  • Social Networks Activity

Social networks are a crucial point in nowadays business promotion. Make sure to create many business accounts and be a part of the biggest social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. Try to use images to promote your business if it is image-oriented.

It would be good if you can create instructional videos since this type of content has been proven to be highly valuable. If you don’t see yourself or anyone on the team confident enough to attract customers on video, try to promote the business by creating slide decks and simply sharing them on SlideShare and other social networks.

  • Data Update

You cannot constantly use the same content if you want to attract and keep customers. If your budget is thin, you may not always be able to afford a writer that will update the content, but you can still try and add something new to it. You will be surprised of how much a good re-write can change and refresh your business.

You could always repurpose existing data of your old content or some relevant studies. For example, one thing to do is turn a webinar into a video tutorial or blog posts into one big eBook. In this way, new customers will always be able to see what you have been publishing from the start and still be introduced to what you offer at the moment.

  • Make Online Contests

This may not sound so economical now, but a prize for the winner will attract many new participants to your business. It does not really need to be something grand, but appealing enough for them to want to participate.

  • Win Some Business Awards

If you own a business, you have the right to participate in business contests. The truth it, most business out there have this opportunity and an online badge or award can really help boost your credibility.

  • Participate In Events Or Classes

You could always participate in events that include other business owners. This will not only help you spread the word about your business, but can help you connect with other people who work the same job you do. If there are no such events or classes, you could always plan and host one. When you do, post them on community bulletin boards such as libraries or coffee shops; or simply use flyers.

  • Marketing via Email

Writing e-mails is a great way to attract visitors, but it is not that simple. What your emails must contain is relevant information and something to attract customers to your business. Try to offer a freebie if one subscribes to your business, such as an eBook or some kind of a sample. This will help you slowly increase number of subscribers and potential long-term customers.

Follow these simple tips above to optimize your business and boost your marketing strategy. Do you have any other ideas on how to promote a business? Share them with us in the section below!

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