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What is an interesting fact of Laravel & CodeIgniter, a framework for PHP that most people don’t know?

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

We should discuss the captivating reality of PHP frameworks – Laravel and CodeIgniter that individuals are by and large, not mindful of.

Today I could see that everywhere, from coders to people dealing in the technical world discussing the proficiency and in addition the significance of certain frameworks; one such among is PHP frameworks – Laravel & Codeigntier.

In my today’s article, I would only talk about the comparison between Laravel & CodeIgniter and leave the rest PHP frameworks – CakePHP, Phalcon, and Symfony.

While going with the trend – in using some eminent PHP frameworks; I could see the warm welcoming of Laravel by the PHP developers and farewell to CodeIgniter. The reason behind the growing popularity of Laravel in today’s technical scenario is it’s clean and functional code composed by Taylor.

Laravel is reputed as an ACE in PHP frameworks and community. HOW??; developers from different frameworks background are switching to Laravel – making it an active web application development framework in a recent past, in fact, today too.

These days developers don’t define their job as monotonous, rather they enjoy coding and have creative or say fulfilling experiences. Let’s come back to LARAVEL, in layman language, it is characterized as a web application framework that has expressive, elegant syntax. It is an endeavor in the field of development that  makes coding/job easy for the PHP developers. As a powerful yet accessible, providing tools, it makes the errand, such as authentication, routing, sessions, queueing, and caching – utilized as a part of the larger part of the web ventures’.

Laravel is great to use in the spots where CodeIgniter fails to prove its efficiency and better in the spots where CodeIgniter is just fine. Laravel is adaptable, advanced and is more integrated into the PHP group by utilizing third party components that are good to use like awesome like the composer, symphony components, and whoops.

To understand the Laravel adaptability over Codeigniter, let’s compare it on the grounds that developers find necessary. Which framework offers better features?




Design pattern Active-Record


Dependency injection










Database SQLite




Microsoft BI


JDBC Compatible

Microsoft SQL Server 2005




Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2


Microsoft BI




Memory recommended 1 GB 256 MB
Template language Blade Template Engine




Difficulty level Master




Version number 5.2 3.0
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes NO
Machine Code Generation YES NO
PSR-4 compilant YES NO
Clean YES NO
Layout Control YES NO
Error Stack Trace YES NO
Class Auto Loading YES NO
Authentication Library YES NO

What are some of the most attention-grabbing little-known things about Laravel & CodeIgniter?

  • One area where Laravel exceeds CodeIgniter is it has got exceptions. Extraordinarily detailed stacktrace are not accessible for engineers who use CodeIgniter.
  • Utilization of libraries and models is less demanding in Laravel as it has object-situated libraries. What’s more, these libraries are bolstered with autocomplete highlight.
  • Laravel has its own command-line interface, so empower designers to perform a copious assignment like moving databases, seeding databases and clearing the reserve. Beside this, it too handles event queuing and is best to build RESTful APIs.
  • CodeIgniter is quick to set up and simple to use.
  • CodeIgniter holds an upper hand when talked about the documentation, as it is clear and well structured and very stable framework.
  • CodeIgniter is based on mustache-like templating language which is simple and easy for new developers to learn.
  • CodeIgniter developers need not know about MVC architecture.
  • CodeIgniter offers output caching, but its drawback is that this framework does not provide a default modular separation.

 Now let’s see the preference of the Laravel framework over Codeigniter:


Yes, it’s true that Laravel is easy to use and is new to revolutionary technology market, but it’s not fair to say CodeIgniter outdated and bad to use. As it has its own importance and is used where Laravel fails.

Both frameworks, which are novel and comparative from multiple points of view have their own particular arrangement of preferences and disservices. However, it is the prerequisites of the engineers that choose which is to be favored. Each Laravel development company like Endive Software, qualities their simplicity of web advancement to this system.

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