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How to start freelancing with no experience

Freelancing is a fantastic way to earn. It allows your to have independence, flexible work hours and in most situations you can work from just about anywhere on the globe with a decent Internet connection.

If you are looking to start your freelancing career but have no experience we have got some great tips to help you on your journey.


  1. Match your skills

Understand what skills you have and how they can be utilised as a Freelancer. It may be your ancillary skills that provide freelancing opportunities. For example, I spent years in tertiary institutions writing academic research papers, dissertations and essays. My writing skills became honed to such an extent that I found I could easily transfer them to freelance writing.

  1. Build up a collection

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, writer, web developer or artist it is imperative you build up a portfolio of work that you can show prospective employers. Having a portfolio of work that is easily searchable, it gives employers and insight into the style and quality of your work and how well you will fit a project.

  1. Keep applying for jobs

If you are a freelancer with no experience the best way to get noticed is to apply for as many jobs as possible. When you apply stand out from the crowd, you can do this by:

  • Stating why you should get the job
  • What your skills are
  • What you will deliver to the client and when
  • Be prepared to do a sample of work for them for free so they can assess your style and quality of work
  • Be easily contactable
  • Provide previous work
  1. Know your pay rate

If you have no previous experience as a freelancer, you cannot expect to get paid at the rates of experts. In the beginning you may have to compromise on price to build up a reputation.

Be careful not to stretch yourself too far and take any project for a long duration on that is very low pay. Choose projects that have a short lifespan and give you an opportunity to display your skills. When you have built up a reputation and experience for doing fantastic work, you can charge a premium.

  1. Grow your professional network

When you are just starting out as a freelancer it can feel like it is impossible to establish professional connections. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, as a beginner you need to be prepared to put yourself out there to grow your professional network. Start a blog, create a website, offer to do small projects for free and use them as testimonials to gather more work and grow your network.

  1. Try out different freelance websites

Create complete profiles on several freelance websites and start making offers on jobs that suit your skill set.  Keep your profiles regularly updated and ensure that any communication you have with potential employers is efficient.

  1. Make the most of Social media

It has never been easier to promote yourself online. As a freelancer with no experience there is no better way to promote your work. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat are all potential avenues to get in front of potential clients and be noticed.

  1. Actively seek out jobs where experience is not required

In some instances, clients will look to give opportunities to freelancers with little or no experience. They may do this to lower their costs or to find new talent with a fresh perspective on things. If you can place offers on these projects swiftly and take your opportunity, potential clients will be impressed and may offer long-term work.


About the author:

Kelly J. Harris is a professional freelance writer at the dissertation writing service with several years’ experience content writing and creative writing for several clients. What advice would you give to a freelancer starting with no experience?

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