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Future Car Technologies Worth Geeking Out Over

New technology is coming out all the time, and the automotive industry is no stranger to this change. In the past few years we have seen everything from electric cars to, perhaps most excitingly, seat warmers. But what are the exciting technologies that we should all expect to start seeing in cars?


Restaurants offer it, schools have it and you can even get it on an airplane. So why wouldn’t you be able to have WiFi in your car? It seems that in the near future, we will be able to drive anywhere without losing our high-speed Internet.

Several of the top car manufacturers across the globe have already started working on this type of project. In fact, cars with Internet access are the third fastest-growing type of technological device, beaten only by the champions smartphones and tablets.

Inter-Car Communication

Since driver-to-driver communication typically ends with loud voices and insinuations about another driver’s mother, automotive designers have begun looking at how cars can communicate with each other.

This can include things like cars feeding signals to each other, which would mean no more worrying about merging and hitting somebody in your blind spot. This can save a lot of headache and stop a lot of people from needing to attend a defensive driving school.


If the smartphone craze has taught us anything, it is that everybody loves apps. So why shouldn’t cars take up this trend? By developing apps for cars, there could be a wide variety of entertainment options for passengers as well as safety benefits for the driver.

Instead of needing to take a car into the shop for an upgrade, just download it. If you find yourself drifting off at the wheel, turn on the app that starts blaring music and turns on the AC. Not to mention the potential for passengers to play Candy Crush without even pulling out a cell phone.


There has been plenty of buzz about driverless cars recently, but it doesn’t end there. With a co-pilot, the driver can stay in control but let the car handle certain tasks. There are currently some car models that are able to parallel park themselves.

The future of this technology will include sensors on cars, which will bring new meaning to “cruise control”. By turning on the autopilot, a car would be able to stop and turn itself autonomously. Some have questioned the safety of this, but how much more dangerous can it be than letting hormonal 16-year-olds drive?

Hologram Dashboard

If consumers love one thing above all others, it is holograms. We have been waiting for them on virtually everything for decades, and it looks like we will soon have them on cars.

Instead of a traditional dashboard, there will be a flat surface, similar to an iPad. From here a driver can look up information like the nearest gas station or hotel. It is certainly safer than fumbling around with a phone, and at least four times as cool.

Vocal Recognition

As texting and driving laws get stricter, there will have to be some way to safely operate all of these amazing gadgets. Enter voice recognition technology. By being able to command all of these incredible features using only your voice, you are free to keep your hands and eyes on the wheel.

Instead of flipping through Yelp to find the best restaurant in the area, a driver will be able to verbally scroll while they approach their destination, and even have results read off to them.

Unfortunately, this technology is one of the ones that is furthest away. Voice recognition has a long way to go, so it looks like we still have a few more years of parking before we browse the Internet.

All joking aside, these technologies are worth getting excited about. It has never been more clear that we are living in the future, and as technology advances, we benefit from more amazing tools everyday.

Keep an eye on these advancements. They are largely driven by consumer demand, so if you are excited about these, then let your voice be heard!

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