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Dealing with Angry Customers – Turning crisis into Opportunity

Quite often, call center executives have to deal with angry customers. If one were to ask call centre executives to identify, the one aspect they hated in their job, then most would identify dealing with disgruntled customers at the top. Once a customer reaches a certain level of dissatisfaction, it is very difficult to control their angst and bring them back to the list of happy customers.


Let us study the scenario of a disgruntled customer in John’s organisation

One of John’s important client has just walked into office, unannounced in a very angry mood. John stands up and greets him with a warm smile. Next, the client with extreme dissatisfaction starts scolding John as his organization has failed to deliver a product in a stipulated time frame. Due to this delay, the client was unable to perform an important task and lost an important sale for his organization.

John does his best to persuade the client, but nothing he tells the client improves the situation. The client gets further annoyed. Within a few minutes he walks out of office, vowing never to do a deal with John’s business in future.

Most agents have to deal with angry customers in b2b call centres, and to cope up with them is not an easy cup of tea. However, if we know what to say, and how to respond, we might be able to manage the situation. In fact, we can even end up the conversation with better terms with our client.

Through this article, we all get to know how to deal with disgruntled or discontented customers. Take a quick glance on the important tips that you can employ to make the situations in your favor.

Make up your mind: Once you are aware with the truth that your customer is angry, then your top most priority is to make up your mind. To put it simply, put yourself into a customer service mindset and keep yourself aside from any disrespectful or miffed feelings. It is because the situation isn’t your fault, or that your client has commit a mistake, or that he/she is blaming you. What matters the most is that your client or customer is unhappy. Adjust your mind accordingly and give your best to focus on customer’s problem.

Listen proactively: To cope up the scenario, it is important to listen actively what client is saying. In fact, it is good to start the dialogue with neutral statement. For instance, start with “let’s check what happened” or “please tell me the reason that makes you angry”. This subtly creates a firm link between you and your customers. Importantly, let him know that you are ready to listen him carefully. Don’t jump to the conclusions about what happened and what you are planning to do to resolve the problem. Instead, allow your client totell his story.

Be emphatic and apologize in front of the customer: Once you understand the client’s concern, be emphatic in front of the customer. Play the trick! Show them that you know the reason of their upset mood. Make sure that your tone reflects this understanding.

Present a solution: After this, the next step is to present a solution. Here are the following ways to do this. Firstly, if you feel that you know the tricks to make them contented, then present them with this solution. Secondly, if you are not sure about the solution or what your client wants from you, or if they opposed your proposed resolution, then give them power to solve situation. Ask her to identify what will make them contented.

Take action and follow up: Once you both agreed on a solution, then take appropriate action quickly. Explain every step that you have planned and going to take to resolve the problem with your client. If she has contacted you on phone, then make sure that he/she must have your name and contact details. It is a good practice to take follow ups with that customer in order to know whether or not he/she has satisfied with the solution.

These are the important tips that can help you in dealing with irate customers and making them contended. Always consider call centre services to improve your customer satisfaction rate.

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