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7 High-Tech Toys & Gadgets Designed For Kids

Children are getting tech-savvy before talking nowadays. It is common to see toddlers dealing with mobile phones and tablets as if they were and extension of their hands – and in a much better way than what their parents can do. So it is understandable that high-tech toys and gadgets are all that they want for birthdays and Christmas.

The bright side of it is that, despite the fact that this kind of choice can be very pricey, you will also be offering to your children something that will improve their skills. We review toys and gadgets given below, so that you can pick your next present more easily, are ready to help them to learn about several fields of science, such as robotics, engineering, and mechanics.

1. Lego Mindstorms EV3


Lego upgraded the concept of building toys with their Mindstorms collections. And one of their best-sellers is the Windstorms EV3, which allows you to create five awesome robots from piece to piece and then sees them come to life. It is a serious programming resource that will teach your children all that they need to know to start building their own robots – it comes with an app full of animations teaching how to do it in a very fun way.

2. Sphero 2.0


Sphero 2.0 is a robotic ball that does much more than just roll around the place. This smartphone-controlled toy can transform any room of your house into the perfect set for an adventure when you download apps that let you play augmented reality and mixed-reality games. It is also programmable, so it is a great way to get your kids into coding.

3. Anki Drive


Racing cars have gone to the next level with Anki Drive. Thanks to its inbuilt artificial intelligence, the cars have extra capabilities, such as tractor beams, pulse weapons, and unique personalities. You can play against other people or its AI – just be prepared, because each car is ready to calculate its position 500 times per second and are driven in the equivalent of 402 km/h. The only downside is that it only works with iPhone at the moment.

4. Ubooly


If you are looking for a safe and cute way to let your younger children to play with an app, Ubooly is the answer for you. You just need to zip an iPod touch or an iPhone inside of its furry casing and turn the app on. A friendly face will show up and will keep them entertained per hours while listening to stories and songs, playing games, and more. It also listens and answers to a person’s voice, and turn itself off when interaction is stopped.

5. Nano-Falcon Helicopter


Already on the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest RC helicopter in the world, Nano-Falcon has a body size of 6.5cm, can fly within a range of 5m, and has a continuous flying time of 5 minutes. It is maneuvered by an infrared controller, and all that it takes to work is four AA alkaline batteries.

6. RoboMe


RoboMe is easy to program and can be giving any personality you might like. You can even give it a face, with hair and eyes, just by inserting an iPhone or an iPod Touch into its robotic body. It can follow voice commands or you can use a remote control instead. But one of its coolest features is the remote virtual telepresence, which allows you to see and hear what RoboMe is doing when paired with a second iPhone.

7. Mattel ViewMaster VR


Virtual Reality has become accessible to any children over 7 years old with ViewMaster VR. It brings together the best combination of Google Cardboard and the 75-years-old ViewMaster, that made the happiness of many kids in the past with their 3D images. All that is required to do is to download some apps, and then pop a compatible Android smartphone inside the ViewMaster to enjoy virtual reality experiences. New content can be bought and download directly through the apps or on retailers using NFC technology.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are several options available for you to choose. Just check which one is more appropriated to your children’ age group, and be prepared to join the fun – you surely won’t resist!

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