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Going To Space May Be Your Next Weekend’s Plan

Astronauts might have such a beautiful experience travelling around space with zero gravity. It will soon be a dream coming true for normal people like us as well experiencing the journey in space, to play against zero gravity and hang out with our friends around the planets. Orbital Technologies, a Russian Space company is launching a new hotel in space for letting non-astronauts have a stay in space. So if you have a 1 million US dollar with you, then you can enjoy a trip to space and spend time with the stars. So very soon people will be making their weekend plans to meet the stars.


The guests will be moving from the earth in a rocket accommodating a total of six guests to 217 miles above the surface. Like any other luxury hotels, this space hotel will also provide all types of comfort including hot water shower to hot and yummy food to all its guests.  But this space hotel will be completely a non-alcoholic place. Each guest will be able to have a five day stay in this hotel after paying an amount of 1$ million.  As the hotel will become more accepted, it will eventually welcome its guests with a reduced price.

The best part of space journey is that the guests will be able to witness sunset after every ninety minutes and also watch cosmos and the beautiful earth. The guests will be spinning all around inside the hotel rooms because of zero gravity. So, the guests need to learn to maintain their body mass in the centre and learn to fight against those movements in no gravity. So training will be given to the guests prior to the trip.  They might be having sleepless nights as they will be floating around, so before sleep, the guests will be tied down to have a proper non-disturbing sleep.

Orbital Technology is looking forward to launching this hotel within this year, 2016 and expecting a large crowd coming for the trip since they are being enquired by a lot of people for the stay till date.


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