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Choosing Your Gaming OS of Choice: Windows or Mac?

Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular over the years, if for the convenience and portability alone, and has the capability to reach billions of users. However, the world of desktop gaming is still alive and well and isn’t likely to disappear any day soon. If anything, the games will continue to get better as computer companies engage in some friendly, but solid, competition with mobile companies. One of the best things that computer companies has going for them is the loyal following. While there are many gamers who like to play at home and on the go, you’re either one or the other.

Think back to your first gaming experience on a desktop computer. Depending how far you go back (Hello, Commodore 64), at home gaming was innovative, yet relatively solitary until LAN parties came into existence, which turned the world of PC gaming into a social activity. Today, the hardcore PC gamers appreciate the platform for what it is because it allows players to become immersed in a game (and its elaborate storyline) without the interruptions of mobile life (who wants to pause a game for a phone call or text?). While some gamers have abandoned their PCs for a mobile or console gaming experience, the PC gaming community gains new members all the time, which leads to one of the biggest questions of all: Which is better for gaming? Windows or Mac.

The Cost

Many players may already be investing quite a bit of money into PC game downloads (averaging anywhere from $10-$20) and although the downloads are cheaper than the console versions, players can’t return or trade-in their downloads when they get tired of the game or realize it’s just not their kind of game, so it may feel like money lost. Therefore, many PC gamers are looking for an affordable gaming platform and often times Windows beats out Mac in the price war. While both can be comparable, price wise, Mac users usually end up spending more on extra storage, memory, a faster GPU, and even games.

Good News for Both

While there are many games that work infinitely better on a Windows machine than a Mac (or vice versa), with either operating system, you can enjoy the world of online gaming. For example, if you’re an avid online gambler, you may have noticed that the online world is full of options (and many sites promising to have the best casinos), but the search results can be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are sites like Online Casino Bluebook that will not only give you the top 10 online casinos to choose from, but gives you the option of searching by your operating system of choice (Windows or Mac), giving you access to expert reviews, and allowing you to choose the right online gaming experience for you.

Personal Preference

Everywhere you look, there’s pros and cons for Windows and Macs. For instance, Windows was kind of the innovator of PC gaming and seems to be suited to more gamers’ needs and wants, while Mac certainly wants and tries to be, but in order to be the “ultimate” gaming computer, more money needs to be spent. However, when it all comes down to it, the PC you choose will be based on your personal preference. Some people are far more comfortable using a Mac, while others wouldn’t dream of using anything other than a Windows computer. The choice and the comfort is all yours.

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