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5 E-Juice Flavors for People on the Go

If you have made the switch to e-cigs from smoking cigarettes, then you would know by now that e-juices come in a wide variety of flavors. The flavors you will find being sold to e-cig enthusiasts include fruity flavors, minty ones, and even dessert ones. The choices are virtually endless, and choosing the kind to use with your e-cig can be somewhat confusing, to say the least.

For those who are living an active lifestyle, there are flavors that can help keep you moving and energized. E-juices carry the nicotine that most smokers are used to but without the tar that you get from cigarettes, which stimulates the brain as well as relaxes it. It is also said to enhance focus, cognition, and alertness, which is a good thing for active individuals. As for the flavor, there are a few that copy some of the food and drinks that help boost energy.


Here are five of those particular e-juice flavors:

Coffee – if coffee wakes you up in the morning and keeps you energized all throughout the day, then an e-juice that emulates such a flavor may keep you on your toes all day long too. There are quite a few manufacturers who produce coffee flavored e-cig juices in many variants, with some of the most popular ones being cappuccino, espresso, mocha frappe, and hazelnut coffee.

Lemon – lemon has a refreshing and energizing flavor that many people enjoy. It helps keep you alert and the tartness it has keeps your senses tingling. For active individuals, this is a great flavor to have on your vape list since it not only gives you a fresh and zesty taste, but also clean citrusy aroma that helps keep you energized and feeling alive.

Dark chocolate – a lot of those who have stopped drinking coffee to keep them awake all day have shifted instead to a healthier alternative, which is dark chocolate. If you are a dark chocolate aficionado, and you take it to help keep you alert and active, then you will be happy to know that you can now have this rich and sinful flavor in e-juice form. Dark chocolate is known to boost energy levels, so simulating this flavor in your vape may also give you the same effect.

Peppermint – the aroma alone of this type of mint will help energize you and keep you awake for hours. The crisp, sweet, and cool flavor as well as aroma of this e-juice can help you focus better, sustain your attention longer, and remove brain fog. This is the perfect flavor for those who want to stay awake and energized for a longer period of time. It also reminds one of the holidays, which is an added bonus.

Licorice – in the old days, when people wanted to stay awake and to stave off hunger pangs during long hours of prayer, they would chew fennel seeds, which is where the flavor of licorice comes from. If you are looking to keep yourself from falling asleep and to stem any hunger pangs you may feel while camping or hiking, black licorice e-juice may be your salvation. As with its flavor source (fennel seeds), the taste and aroma of licorice will help keep you awake and keep hunger pangs away.

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