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9 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Online/On Your Phone

It’s 2016. By this point in time you would be forgiven for thinking that we might know just about everything there is to know about what is possible on the internet. But the fact is that the only thing we will ever know for certain about the internet, is that we will never know for certain exactly where its limits lie. As such, we can be surprised every day by the things that we can do in the comfort of our own homes, thanks to the internet. Here are nine things that you might not have realized before that you could do online.

1. Take online university courses—for free!

There have been online universities for some years now, but they are often costly. But did you know that you can actually take real university course online, from some of the world’s best universities, all for free? Founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012, edX aims to increase availability to higher education across the board.

2. Design and print 3D items

If you ever want to have your mind blown by what technology can do, look no farther than 3D printing. And while this seems like a futuristic thing that is only available to scientists in laboratories, it is actually available to anyone through these sites. You can upload your design and have it printed and sent to you.

3. Create police sketches

Just in case you were ever wondering what you would look like as a criminal on the run, you can download this app and create police sketches of anyone on your phone.

4. View old versions of websites

A site that is mostly useful for nostalgia—unless, perhaps, you are in web design—the Internet Archive Wayback Machine lets you look up old versions websites, with usually hilarious results.

5. Take defensive driving courses

A lot of people opt for traffic school as a way to remove points from their driver’s license, or to have a ticket removed, but it can be a pain to go and sit in a mind-numbing class for a few hours. But now you can take traffic courses online, stopping and starting as you please.

6. Watch a livestream of just about any animal out there

Don’t have a zoo close by? Sick of staring at your work spreadsheets? You can break up the monotony at any time and lift your spirits with a livestream of just about any adorable animal on the planet. Two of the most popular are the Smithsonian’s panda cam and the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter cam.

7. Ship your ebay items

Sold something on ebay, but too lazy to ship it? In certain cities, you can have your goods packed and shipped for you at a small extra cost.

8. Learn to pickpocket

Ok, while maybe this doesn’t technically count as a “cool” thing you can do online, it is certainly fascinating. You can watch this video and learn a few of the best kept secrets of the pickpocketing trade—which might help you to avoid being pickpocketed in the future.

9. Watch robots juggling

This wouldn’t be a very good internet list if it didn’t include something completely useless. This is a site where you can watch endless videos of robots juggling. It is surprisingly mesmerizing.

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