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6 Types of Bubblers Every Cannabis Smoker Needs

A bubbler is essentially a blend of a bong and a pipe. It is usually fitted with an ash catcher (containing water) that attaches to one side of the rig. It prevents bits of ash from making their way through your mouthpiece, which makes it easier to pull hits through your bubbler.

According to reports, the cannabis vaporizers market is projected to reach a volume of 271,655 thousand units by 2031. Thanks to technological advances, there are now a number of online head shops that sell all kinds of smoking paraphernalia.

For instance, a glass bubbler has intricate designs and features with impressive percolation. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find other variants that are simple and clean. Therefore, you can easily find a bubbler that suits your needs.

If you are looking for the perfect bubbler that caters to your needs, here are six types of bubblers that provide high-quality smoking experiences.

1. Mini Bubbler

Bubblers can be big or small. The mini bubbler is a miniature version of a regular-sized bubbler and is perfect for travel and personal usage. The best thing about the mini bubbler product is its size. At only 4 inches tall, it is much smaller than most other bubblers, which makes it very convenient.

Mini bubblers are also easy to clean. They typically have a smaller water reservoir, which makes it easier to give them a good scrubbing when you are done using them.

2. Glass Bubble Pipe with Ash Catcher

It is pretty much your standard glass bubbler pipe, complete with an ash catcher and reinforced bubble design. It has a carb on the back of the bowl so that you can pre-load your weed without any hassle. It would be best to have a glass nail to heat your concentrates.

A glass bubbler pipe is an excellent choice for people who have been vaping concentrates for a while and want to make the switch to smoking them.

3. Five Chamber Glass Bubbler with Carb

It is one of the most unique-looking glass bubblers on the market. It has an ash catcher and five different chambers, running from top to bottom. The carb is located between the mouthpiece and the water chamber, so you can easily control your airflow without any problems.

With this bubbler, you will get two glass nails perfect for heating your concentrates. You will also get a variety of mouthpieces to choose from.

4. Aluminum Bubbler with Ash Catcher

If you are looking for something durable, lightweight, and easy to carry around with you, this aluminum bubbler may be what you have been looking for.

An aluminum bubbler gets the job done when it comes to smoking, and the percolator in this bubbler will provide you with a relatively smooth pull. Thus, aluminum bubblers are a great choice if you are not looking to spend too much money. They usually cost around $20, making them pretty affordable.

5. Double Bubble Ash Catcher Bubbler with Carb

It is a heavy-duty glass bubbler that is built for long-term use. The bowl is removable, so if anything happens to your bubbler, you can replace the bowl and not the entire thing.

The double bubble design provides even more filtration for your smoke, making each rip smoother than the last one. These are ideal for smokers looking to upgrade their bubbler for something more heavy-duty. Besides, they are easier to clean than most bubblers, perfect for personal use.

6. Subzero Shorty Bubbler

It is a very special bubbler designed for traveling and personal use. The percolator provides you with good filtration, and the ash catcher makes it easy to pull smooth hits from this little guy.

The best thing about this bubbler is its shot-gun design. Just push the bowl against the ash catcher, and you will produce a vacuum that sucks your smoke into the bubbler. Subzero shorty bubblers are ideal for smokers who travel with their water pipes, and they are also great for vaping dry herbs.


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