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5 Best Sites to Purchase Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the world’s largest and most important social media apps, with over two billion users. Business owners, influencers, and celebrities love this platform due to its ability to promote their online presence and connect them with their target audience. Nevertheless, most aspiring influencers or business owners soon get frustrated after realizing that gaining followers is extremely difficult.

Once upon a time, using lots of hashtags on your posts would get you lots of views and let you acquire new followers. However, that technique doesn’t work very well anymore, due to the evolution of the Instagram platform to accommodate all of the content that’s uploaded daily.

Since getting more views for your Instagram content leads to more followers (as long as you’re creating compelling content), a hack that works wonders is buying Instagram followers.

The system’s algorithms award visibility for content based on the popularity of the account that has posted it, so if you can show the algorithms that you’re gaining followers quickly, you’ll be given a larger audience that will be inclined to follow you. The key, though, is purchasing “real” followers with real IG accounts, because those are the only interactions the system will recognize as legitimate.

If you are serious about boosting your Instagram account as a business owner, celebrity, or influencer, this article reviews the five best sites to buy Instagram followers to boost your presence on the app.


Buzzoid has been a top Instagram service provider for years, for some very good reasons. First, Buzzoid offers premium real followers from individuals with real accounts, not bots. It is the reason why Buzzoid’s interactions are recognized by Instagram’s algorithms, a recognition needed for growing any Instagram account.

For as little as just $3.00 you can buy 100 Buzzoid followers, and their packages go as high as 20,000 real followers. The increased exposure your content will receive from that boost will help you gain nearly as many new followers organically. Prices for Buzzoid’s followers are fair, never any higher than the ones charged by reputable IG providers and often slightly lower.

Buzzoid also offers upgrades to more powerful packages of active followers, who post regularly on their accounts; these follows will provide even more visibility for your posts and greater account growth.

You only need to provide your Instagram username, email address, and payment information to buy followers from Buzzoid. They do not require your IG password or other personal information to process and deliver your order, and they use stringent web security measures to keep clients’ data safe.

Buzzoid’s delivery is fast and reliable, with followers arriving within minutes of your order and growth beginning shortly after that. The provider has an experienced customer support team available 24/7 as well, to handle any rare service glitches, answer questions, or put together custom orders of followers, likes and views.

Buzzoid continues to lead the pack when it comes to providing high-quality IG followers.


It seems clear that Twicsy will soon be contending for the number one spot on this list of best Instagram service providers. To be honest, thousands of IG influencers already consider Twicsy to be the best of the bunch.

Its services are very similar to Buzzoid’s. Twicsy sells real Instagram followers, not ones created with bots, which is why they keep your account safe from penalty or deletion. And like Buzzoid, you can purchase premium active followers for a slightly higher fee if you want to supercharge your Instagram growth.

Your engagements arrive virtually immediately, whether you’ve purchased Twicsy’s smallest package of 100 real followers or their largest one of 20,000 legitimate IG followers with real accounts. Pricing is almost identical to Buzzoid’s, too; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper reputable service. (Vendors selling fake followers do charge less, but you get what you pay for.)

Twicsy has a state-of-the-art website that lets you choose, order, and receive your followers in just a couple of minutes, with all of your payment and personal data protected with fully-encrypted transactions and secure servers. A knowledgeable customer support team is available day and night to answer any questions, discuss any issues you might have encountered with delivery, or craft custom orders for you.

Twicsy is an outstanding Instagram service provider.


If you are seeking fast delivery of high-quality followers, Rushmax is happy to take on the assignment. This provider is very good at supplying large numbers of followers within a short time frame, and they can deliver as many as 20,000 of them in just minutes.

All Rushmax followers are real and provide the increased audience and popularity you expect when purchasing interactions, and the service’s prices are extremely reasonable. Premium followers are available for an extra fee, the ordering service is easy to use and completely secure, and support reps are available 24/7.

Rushmax is a competent, reliable, and trustworthy operation that does a nice job of providing IG followers, likes, and video views.


InstaPort offers Instagram growth services quite similar to Rushmax’s. Its rates are very reasonable and its followers are real IG users who follow you from their real accounts on the platform, never fake followers created with bots. Premium followers are available for those who are willing to pay a little extra for more powerful results.

Even though this provider is relatively new to the market, they’ve quickly build a solid infrastructure that allows them to deliver as many as 20,000 legitimate followers to customers’ Instagram accounts within minutes. Ordering is smooth and fast, customer support is first class, and there’s no reason that InstaPort shouldn’t be on your short list of potential IG follower providers.


The final IG growth service on this list is an up-and-comer. Social Prestige only started delivering Instagram followers in 2022, but they’ve already established themselves as a reasonably-priced source of high-quality, real follows.

SocialPrestige, though, is still experiencing some growing pains. Right now they can only deliver a maximum of 1,000 real followers, with delivery that usually takes a few hours to complete (and may occasionally require a full day). Security and support are both excellent.

This provider may not be a great choice for all customers, but those who have smaller Instagram accounts and can wait a bit longer than usual to receive their followers might find it worth their while to give SocialPrestige a shot.


Why Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Having more followers makes your profile stand out and look more enticing to surfers who happen upon your content. More importantly, though, purchased followers will make your account look more popular to Instagram’s algorithms, which will respond by allocating more visibility to your posts. Buying IG followers puts you on the fast track to growth in your account’s exposure, popularity, and importance.

Is It Safe to Buy Followers on Instagram?

It depends on where you buy them. If you purchase followers from a trustworthy service (like the ones we’ve reviewed above), they’ll be real IG users with real accounts; those followers are completely safe to purchase because they comply with all of the platform’s terms and conditions. Buying followers from scammy services that create fake followers with bots and site hacks is definitely not safe; there’s a good chance IG will delete your account as soon as they find you trying to use fake followers.

Is It Illegal to Buy Instagram Followers?

It is not against federal, state, or local laws to purchase followers.

Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers?

You can purchase authentic Instagram followers from reputable service providers, including the ones we’ve reviewed. These real followers are the ones that will trigger strong organic growth for your IG account.

Can You Get Banned from Buying Instagram Followers?

Only if you purchase fake followers, as we’ve mentioned above. Stick with trustworthy sellers, and you’ll be all set.

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