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How Do You Benefit from Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Recently a new term appeared in the software development sphere: a dedicated development team (DDT). These are outsourced experts that take on a particular task and are part of the leading project team.

Pros and cons of a DDT

There are some real advantages to using this kind of outsourcing. Utilizing external help for your project enables the team to collaborate for a specific shared goal, which means ITS members will spend your resources in the best way. Nonetheless, there are downsides, mainly if used for short-term tasks as the time required to form the team may not be efficient. So it all depends on what kind of project you have and what sort of deadlines are there. Another disadvantage can be a language barrier if you hire this team from another country (which usually makes sense as it’s way cheaper than hiring inside your country).

Main Benefits of the Dedicated Development Team Model

As opposed to an in-house team, an outsourced dedicated development team is usually offshore and can provide you with benefits considerably in a variety of ways.

  • Top app development companies can be deployed to hire from a strong pool of talent from emerging IT sectors with new and cutting edge specialists. When you outsource to a company, they are dedicated to the task at hand and made explicitly for what you need.
  • There are multiple ways for you to save money. You can arrange a clear budget beforehand with any outsourced companies, saving your finances on hiring or using fixed contract teams. You may not be aware of many hidden costs related to in-house staff, such as paying for new software and hardware, training for a specific technology, and so on. In contrast, outsourced companies usually take care of everything, so it’s a so-called “all-inclusive package” in the IT world.
  • Outsourced software development teams are usually very flexible and customizable, as they are adapted to your demands and need to help with your custom software development. They can focus on what you need and communicate clearly with you, and their expertise should be tailored as well, allowing for a transparent allocation of tasks. This rarely can be achieved through another hiring approach.


As with every new approach in the software development world, DDT can be an excellent solution for long-term projects that will allow you to save costs and, nonetheless, receive the best result. But it is imperative to assess all the downsides before making such a decision.

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