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12 things you didn’t know about Uber – Infographic

Uber really want to do it all. With plans to deliver you in a robot driven car, a helicopter service to ferry you between exclusive parties and business meetings, as well as delivering your favourite everyday essentials; the taxi-hailing app has its eyes firmly set on remaining one of the most successful start-ups in history. But, people tend to know very little about an app they use every single day.

Here are 12 things you didn’t know about Uber. From rent-a-kittens to a financial worth more than the Costa Rican economy, Uber wants to deliver more than you to your selected destination. In some states in the US for example, you can order medicine, food and your favourite food from the same drivers who transport you around the city. But experts warn if Uber is to deliver, then it may need to protect its drivers from transporting illegal substances.


Infographic credits: ParcelHero

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