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College essay writing – Getting help from the internet

Before Writing

College essay writing is something that freaks out a lot of students. The internet has made a lot of tasks easier, and writing is one of them. Whether it is an article, essay or research paper writing, the World Wide Web has made it easier.

Once the steps of essay writing are understood, any student can write excellent college essays and articles. The first thing to do when you are writing a college essay is to understand the question. What topic is the essay about? What is the audience of the essay? What tone does the question require in the essay? Is it discursive, narrative, argumentative, descriptive, or anything else? These questions must be answered to understand the question completely.

After understanding the question, the next thing to do is to brainstorm ideas about what should go into the essay. It may help to make a spider diagram or jot down the ideas in the form of bullet points. This helps us to organize our thoughts better. It ensures that the essay is not a haphazard collection of ideas, but has a logical connection between the points explained and a flow. After brainstorming ideas and writing them down, make a rough draft of the essay containing an introduction, a body and a conclusion. This draft can then be reviewed and refined.



The internet has information and knowledge on any topic imaginable. If a report, an article or an essay is to be written on any topic and information is required, all a student has to do is to open a web search engine, download an eBook or get access to an online library. A vast realm of information and knowledge waits.

Searching skills

A lot of knowledge is available on the internet, but not everyone seems to find what they want. Why is that? The reason is the lack of searching skills. Searching the internet is something which needs to be learnt. Everyone can find something related to the topic they are searching, but only some people hit the exact resources that they need.

Learn how to narrow your search and how to widen it. You must know how to be specific and how to be general, including the use of minus sign and quotation marks. The operators like plus, tilde, wildcard and OR are also very helpful at times. Learn what not to do when using search engines. It does not help, for instance, to use articles like ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’, and short words like ‘of’, ‘on’ and ‘it’ in your searches. If you are looking for an exact phrase, this might come in handy, but usually search engines ignore very short words.

Online services

While the internet has many online word processing software’s to help you write, it also has services to completely relieve you of your writing tasks. If you want to order assignment online, all you need to do is to give your requirements and provide the content. Freelance academic writers can be easily reached through the internet.

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