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10 Abundantly Essential Add-ons For ExpressionEngine!

Nowadays, when thousands of crucial add-ons are available for ExpressionEngine (EE), selecting top ten among them becomes really difficult for you. Right? As a developer, one thing must be clear to you that in order to get maximum benefits from EE, you have to use some of the amazing add-ons with it. In this post, I will discuss ten add-ons which are extremely important for developers for developing high-performing websites that can deliver the results.


Because of the fact that EE is a content management system that is utilized mostly for commercial purpose, you can easily develop high-yielding e-commerce websites which allow you to sell your products conveniently.

However, in order to receive the desirable results you have to use the following add-ons with EE.


  1. Playa

Playa which is truly very helpful for developers and content editors is one of the most decisive add-ons for ExpressionEngine. The add-on which comes with highly simple UI helps the users in developing complex relationships. With its assistance developers can swiftly deal with the issues related to channels and entries, when it comes to generating intricate relationships in the most convenient way possible. It gives you the freedom wherein channels and entries can be considered as tables and rows and that gives you the authority to deal with the content effectively.

  1. Channel Images

Channel Image is a great add-on for managing the images on an EE website. So if you are desperately looking forward to simplifying the use of images on your website, you have to opt for Channel Images. What actually happens is ExpressionEngine’s default install do not give you an opportunity to upload multiple images at a time. However, with the support of Channel Images, you can select and upload multiple images.

  1. Importer 2.0

When it comes to importing large scale data into your ExpressionEngine website Importer 2.0 plays an important role in it. In case you want a site to be migrated into ExpressionEngine from a different system, you can always take the help of Importer 2.0 for achieving your purpose. It is also very helpful when it comes to synchronizing multiple external data sources with an ExpressionEngine website. Importer which supports JSON, XML and CSV is truly extensible that means when it comes import you can easily add new data types. In addition to that, it can also be used for importing extensive content.

  1. Matrix

Considering the fact that content management remains highly crucial for any ExpressionEngine website, you must use Matrix for it. That means Matrix is a highly effective add-on for managing the content on an EE website. It gives you the authority to think beyond fixed static fields when it comes to dealing with the content in the most appropriate way possible. You can use Matrix for adding multiple rows for similar content due to which content is never restricted to limited static fields. Matrix which cost approximately £30 per site is really useful for developing a custom field with ease.

  1. SEO Lite

Are you looking forward to making your website SEO-friendly? If so is the case, it is better if you use SEO Lite – a very powerful add-on for attracting traffic to your EE website. It helps your website to be found on Search Engines when users search for the things or products you deal with over the internet. In short your website can become popular among the people if SEO Lite is used effectively by you.

  1. Freeform

Freeform is an EE add-on that is used by people for managing a number of forms on their website. That means if you are looking for managing contact form and newsletter subscriptions, Freeform remains a good option for dealing with it. It is also very significant when it comes to handling Ajax requests.

  1. Imgsizer

Imgsizer helps the user when they have to modify or alter the size of an image. If you want to modify an image as per the requirements of ExpressionEngine tag, you can always use Imgsizer for it.

  1. Low NoSpam

Spamming has become a huge problem for people these days and hence they must use something useful to save their Websites. Low NoSpam is a great add-on for preventing spamming as it helps in examining comments, member registrations and forum posts.

  1. Republic Analytics

If you are tired of visiting analytics website in order to view your google analytics data, then you must use Republic Analytics. With its assistance, you can easily check your google analytics data from your control panel.

  1. Stash

Want to add additional features to enhance EE’s template language? If yes, then you must go ahead with Stash- an EE add-on which offers additional features like variables, layouts, parse-order control, and list etc.

After going through some of the popular ExpressionEngine development addon and its rich functionality. You might be thinking to select ee as your business website content management system. So, what are you waiting for? Find Experienced EE Development Company to get your website ready in ExpressionEngine CMS.

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