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Current Mobile Phone Signal Booster Options for Your Household

A consistently poor mobile phone signal at home can cause numerous problems since modern daily living is punctuated by important calls that need to be answered promptly. Numerous calls that have bearing on a person’s work and livelihood need to be made from home, but what if the signal disappears for hours on end? What if calls can only be made outside of the house?


It is not uncommon to hear complaints about trouble finding a strong signal in the bedroom or living room. In most cases, cell phone users can only send out calls or SMS when they are by an open window or outside the house. When the phone signal goes awry, the consequences could spell badly for business. Fortunately, mobile broadband issues are solvable, and the solutions are not that costly.

You need signal boosters

Some people who experience the problem of having inconsistent Wi-Fi signal on their mobile phones try to increase the signal of their mobile phone units. This helps sometimes, but it does not solve the problem which is weak signal in the location. The better and more effective approach is to boost the signal received and there are devices designed specifically for this purpose.

A consistently reliable phone signal that also allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi connection 24/7 can be provided by a mobile phone signal booster. If you don’t want to miss another important call while at home, it’s time to explore the available options at MyAmplifiers. For instance, if the problem revolves around a mobile or 3G signal, a basic GSM repeater will solve it. You can say goodbye to connection issues by having one installed at home. That’s just one option. There are more.

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The available options

There are many devices today that are designed to boost the signal received by mobile phones in areas that experience weak signal due to remoteness or presence of geographical obstacles. A mobile phone signal booster does not cost a fortune and it is easily sourced from online stores that sell electronics and mobile communications gadgets. Here are some of the existing options that you have at your disposal.

“WiFi extender” is the term used to describe hardware that is needed to increase the WiFi signal. Take note that this device is not designed to increase the mobile broadband signal. Once the device captures a signal it can boost the strength for up to four times that of the signal available in the area. These devices are generally capable of boosting the signal to such a level that the house becomes a wireless haven. The signal becomes available anywhere within the house. Meanwhile, a mobile hotspot is essentially a device intended to boost WiFi signal strength for users of 3G and 4G mobile devices.

If the intention of the user is to increase the strength of a handset’s signal, antenna boosters are available, although these are mostly for older models. However, versions that work with the latest high-end smartphones are available as well. These ready-to-use devices may be purchased from vendors online. You may also put up a signal boosting system by yourself because there are many online resources available that provide detailed instructions.


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