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Tools That Help You Fight Cyber Crimes Such As Plagiarism

Ever seen people copying stuff from the internet and presenting it as their own? Well, they are basically criminals, cyber criminals. They copy articles as it is from websites and post it as their own. This is quite a common practice amongst students who are not so much fond of writing on their own. Instead, they copy content from the internet and submit it as their own work. Now if you are a teacher or someone who wants to find plagiarism, then you can get help with the following tools.

Google Search Engine Provides More than Just Information

If you think someone has given you copied content, the first thing to remove or confirm the doubt is to type the sentence from the content in the search engine. The moment you click on search, Google will give you the copied content link. However, if it is not copied, you won’t find it there. So the number one choice of finding a stolen content source is Google as it continuously updates its algorithm. You can use other search engines such a Yahoo as well for the same purpose.

Websites and Software Such As Copyscape

Copyscape is an online software that checks plagiarism very easily. All you have to do is to upload the file and it will show the exact sources it has been copied from, if applicable. There are many other similar software and websites that offer the same service for free. However, the plagiarism checking is limited to a number of tries after which you have to either wait a couple of hours or pay a small fee to use it for free.

Protecting Your Content Through Digital Fingerprints and Signatures

If you are worried that someone else will copy content from your website then you can protect it by digital signature or fingerprint. This is a quick and easy way to keep your content safe from cybercriminals.

Google Alerts For Regular News About Who Is Talking About You

This is an exclusive service provided by Google in which you have to feed in the words in the Alerts section. Whenever someone will post something related to the words that you feed, you will get notified. The instant notifications work perfectly for marketers who want to know the frequency of their brand being talked about.

Own Your Content Officially

Google Search Authorship is a tool wherein you can authorize your content so Google knows it’s yours! Once Google knows you are the original creator of the content, it posts your link above the one that has been copied. Similarly, using an RSS script enables you to appear in the copied content. How? When someone else copies your content and posts it somewhere else, your original link appears along with that and it cannot be removed in any way. This means that you are credited automatically for your work.

Plagiarism is one cyber problem that will remain, but you can use the above tools to prevent your work from being copied and dealing with content thieves.


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