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Signtist: A Word Puzzle Worth Playing

Feel like refreshing your mind by giving it a small challenge? Jigsaw puzzles Australia games are great for taking a break. The smartphone market has tons of puzzle games, so many that it’s hard to find two games different from one another. Most developers follow a standard game style for 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles that becomes boring after a time period but one game that truly shines amongst the rest is Signtist. While it might have become rare to find a unique smartphone game today, Signtist’s concept is refreshing.

The aim of the game is to guess the word from a given pattern, which is similar to the old school alpha-numeric keypads. It would definitely remind you, how much we used the T9 dictionary on our old phones.

After installing the game, you start by creating your profile and then you guess the word by following the pattern displayed. There are different sections in the game, one of them being ‘vocabulary’. There may be more than one possible answers but to score, the game wants you to crack the word it is looking for.

The scoring of the game follows a timer based criteria, the faster you guess the word without taking hints, the more stars (out of five) you get. As the game progresses, you can improve your titles which are assigned on the basis of the number of stars you have scored in your total gameplay.

Screenshot_20160201-193901 Screenshot_20160201-194057 Screenshot_20160201-194106

The UI follows a neat flat design. It is very easy to the eye but the colour schemes become boring after a while. It’d certainly take away a lot of boredom from the game if the colour scheme changes dynamically. The story is the same for the background music which is too monotonous. It becomes dull and annoying as you play the game. On completing a particular puzzle, you’d hear an applause which again isn’t very appealing after completing a few stages. To add to this, the transitions between the stages are a tad too slow. The gameplay experience is something that seriously holds the amazing concept from being a very addictive game.

Screenshot_20160201-194031 Screenshot_20160201-193938 Screenshot_20160215-202716

One thing that’d you’d love about a time pressure puzzle is how it’d keep you glued and focused whenever you’re playing it. This might be to some extent be true for Signtist too but you’d rarely feel the time pressure. One suggestion could be a more dramatic clock or reduce the time gaps for scoring. It is bit on the easier side for the difficulty of words that are to be guessed.

It would be great if it wouldn’t force you to go with just one word. If there’s a possibility of some other combination during matchup, it should be considered given the fact that ambiguity is high when guessing something from the entire vocabulary.

The concept is absolutely refreshing and the game is worth playing, especially so if you enjoy brain teasers. Simple rules, fun gameplay, great scope to be next big thing in puzzle games. The game would get you so involved in the puzzle to solve it that you tend to forget about your boredom. If you want to play something simple and fun – Signtist is also for you.

Rating: 7/10

You can download the game for free on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. It is worth a try!

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