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How to improve your website’s usability by putting the color contrast design technique to work?

Colors; one of the astonishing element of every living or non-living thing around us. They bring richness to life, and similar to that, they bring life to everything they are applied on or mixed with. Colors are used in a multitude of ways and to express a world of meanings. Normally, a color theory is responsible for defining concepts, process flows and creates connection between two elements. Logical and useful use of color theory can enhance the features, create an emphasis on the functionalities and can also build attention on CTAs so as to induce the user’s action.

Talking of websites, the more vibrant and fancy the colors of the web design are, the better. Adding colors to your overall web design will enhance the utility of your site and increases customer engagement. After all, the number one goal for any business owner after getting their website designed is to attract maximum customers and create the best user experience for them through the web design.

So, we started off the discussion with colors and the significance that they hold in any website design, apparently, it’s the web design company that is better suited to have a discussion with on this. However, taking this point forward, here are a few points that you should note down which will help you choose color schemes for your websites in an intuitive way and that will not only add to your site’s aesthetics but also aids in its usability.

Use them for better navigation

One of the challenges that users face on websites is finding the content they are looking for quickly and efficiently. This phenomenon is particularly true for newer sites, whose content is updated quickly and rigorously and the site keep including new pages to it. If designers fail to make their mark by making obvious categorizations to stand out, users will lose their interest and will leave the site, resulting in an increased bounce rate. In order to tackle this problem, web designers use complimentary colors to highlight content that is supposed to catch the user’s attention. More commonly known as opposite colors who, when placed next to each other, creates the strongest contrast. Such contrast helps in building instant user attention towards and specific navigation or content on a web page that requires them to take action. Therefore, as a rule of thumb for designers; complimentary colors are always used to make elements that you want to get noticed, instantly by the user.

Ensure visual hierarchy through color palette

Visual hierarchy is an important concept in website designing. If done correctly, it can create amazing user experience as the website becomes more usable and elements become easy to find for users as they become more evident. How designers make use of the colors on any web greatly impacts this hierarchy. As the design rule goes, a web visitor always starts browsing the page from the top left, moving to top right and downwards in a diagonal direction. Designs that focus on the content and visual elements placed within the hierarchy always get better response from users and receive better business on the overall.

Color it up, not just for appearance

While adding colors to any website would definitely spruce it up, especially if the colors are used according to color contrast design technique, however they fulfill a much broader perspective than that of adding up to the looks of your website. Not only does they specify usability but also aids in creating a memorable user experience for your visitor. By giving elements much needed depth, colors provide them the emphasis they require.


For your design to end up being aesthetically sound and customer engaging, you need to put in extra focus on the colors that are going to be used in it. Does this color make the other colors on my page stand out? Does this color combination provide the much needed emphasis on the CTA buttons? And does this color add up to the overall aesthetics of my web design are the few questions that every business owner must ask him and then discuss with his designer.

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