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The New and Improved Microsoft Band 2 is the Latest Fitness Tracker in the Market Today

American multinational technology company Microsoft has come a long way. Having launched and having being most well-known for the Windows Operating system, Microsoft is now a powerhouse of modern technological products. Having forayed into markets such as PCs, laptops, smartphones and now wearables, Microsoft is truly making its mark in the technology industry.

A Failed First Attempt at Wearables

While there are several companies across the world that have launched and are successful in the wearable industry market, Microsofts first attempt to create a niche for itself didnt work in its favour. The previously launched Microsoft Band was bulky and lacked the core ingredients of a successful wearable, thus failing to compete with the more established wearable brands in the market like Apple and Samsung.

But a Promising Second Shot

Microsoft Band 2 has been designed keeping in mind technological advances and user requirements and offers a truly delightful experience. Like most wearables, the Microsoft Band 2 also has to be worn on the wrist however its much more than just a smart watch and offers a gamut of smart features.

Unique Design

  • Microsoft Band 2 incorporates a bright and crisp display that is not only larger than its predecessor but is also curved (AMOLED) that fits the wrist a lot better.
  • The Gorilla Glass screen offers required robustness and protection.
  • The metal clasp is comfortable to wear and is completely non-obtrusive.
  • Additionally, unlike most smart watches, Microsoft Band 2 has a vertical screen and is designed to be worn on the back of the wrist, enabling users to quickly glance through their notifications.
  • Quick glances at incoming texts and email messages are perfect for users while travelling and driving, enabling them to skip taking their phone out of their pockets every time their phone beeps

Amazing Features

  • With Microsoft Band 2, users can check the weather, read through their notifications, access apps and do a variety of other tasks with a simple swipe of a finger.
  • The mini keyboard is useful for crafting short responses to messages and emails.
  • With Cortana integration, users can simply provide voice commands in order to perform day to day tasks
  • While Microsoft Band 2 offers a gamut of features, the main aim of the gadget is to track user health.
  • Microsoft Band 2 incorporates around 10 inbuilt sensors including heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, GPS, ambient light detector, skin temperature monitor, UV and capacitive sensors, microphone and a barometer.
  • These sensors enable users to track their daily workouts and fitness levels while the Microsoft Health app and various other popular fitness apps offer users with synced fitness statistics
  • Depending on the users fitness levels, Microsoft Band 2 has the ability to suggest guided workouts that help users get into great shape
  • With a 48 hour battery life, users can wear the Band 2 all day long and not worry about running out of battery.

Get Yours Today

Microsoft Band 2 was launched on 30th October 2015 in the US and is priced at $249. The gadget works with Windows 8.1 and above and also with iOS and Android smartphones. While the price is not very high compared to the other brands available in the market today, there is a great scope for improvement in terms of the features and capabilities it possesses. Although Microsoft Band 2 has a long way to go, it is a good enough device for non-athletes and users who are just looking to have a decent smart wearable experience.


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