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Be “Smart and Sexy” With Eyecatcher Bracelets

Some gadgets are amazing and revolutionary, as they bring new features and functionalities to the world of technology. Smartwatches are an example, which some consider to be a natural consequence of the dominance of smartphones, as they bring some interesting novelties to the market of mobile devices.

However, some people stay away from smartwatches due to their absence of fashion sense – most smartwatches are not that pretty or stylish, and they are surely not easy to combine with any wardrobe. In to tackle this exact problem, a team called lookseelabs developed a new gadget: let’s meet the Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets.

This line of products is built by a team of former Nokia and Motorola employees. Disappointed at the smartwatches currently on the market, especially with the fact that their displays are off most of the time, they decided to go ahead and develop their own devices.

One of the most marked features of this new device is how it can blend with virtually any style worn by the user, thanks to the grayscale bi-static display, that can be configured to show any pattern or image. The Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets do not have any buttons, so they have to be controlled with the official iOS app.

These bracelets feature a always-on display, incredible battery life lasting up to a year, real-time notifications, built-in memory for slideshows, infinite custom styles, social sharing and are made with water resistant materials. Other useful functionalities are calendar notifications, moving maps, text messages, news and others.

There is currently a crowdfunding campaign open on Kickstarter, where the creators of the Eyecatcher bracelets hope to collect the necessary funds to produce this device on a larger scale. With more than 40 days to go until the end of the campaign, almost a quarter of the $75,000 goal has been pledged by backers, meaning that we should hear more about these gadgets very soon.

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