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Mediums of Effective Interaction

In the intent of exchanging benefits and dividing problems, there is one very vital source which people always had. Yes, it is interaction, which people always used in different times to exchanging benefits and sharing their problems. Interaction is one source which groups use to resolve their conflicts, and individuals to sort out solutions for their real life problems. It is like interaction has become the medium of exchanging good will and virtue altogether. Interaction is reasonably understood asset for human distinction.


There is always people looking up for ways and methods to make interaction as resourceful as possible, as to matters productive and out-bringing. Giving a closer view to “interaction” as a medium of exchange, we are here discussing and exploring some possible mediums of interaction. If we are successful in finding effective mediums, only then is the possibility that we could make interaction effective. So, here is a list of interaction mediums, possibly adapted in the modern times for exchange and interaction, a period when information is a key to everything.


E-mail as one medium of effective interaction

After the discovery of internet, e-mail has come as one very vital medium of interaction. It is one of the imperative mediums to communicate messages worldwide, very quickly and without any delays. On just an instance an e-mail is sent to a receiver, no matter at what place or location he is residing. This is the success of e-mail that it has totally replaced the method of posting letters, which took weeks or even months to reach out at any destination. E-mail has provided a very convenient way of non-verbal communication. Presently, e-mails are sent by corporations, sent by organizations and individuals, just like a custom that has traveled through to all senders and receivers. It is one resourceful medium of interaction.


Video Conferencing

During the revolution of technology, there came another very important medium of interaction, the “Videoconferencing”, which provided a conventional chance to communicate online. V-conferencing allowed people to interact virtually. It allowed them to engage more relatively to resolve their conflicts and issues. It is not just that information got exchanged through videoconferencing, but this medium also made people exchange their ideas, their emotions about each other. Today when this medium is common in the corporate domain, it is a social-medium of exchange between groups and individuals. It has become a cultural exchange medium to keep cultures combined and coordinated. It is one another resourceful medium of interaction.

Social Media

Another very widely embraced medium of interaction is social-media. Through this medium, people are able to interact more lively and with more convenience. It is like a hub to social exchange. Social-media as a medium of interaction has introduced a new life to people. It is the virtual life which social-media has brought for the global user. Now, everyone is found active on social-media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn which give a wide scope and an intensive medium to engage and interact. It is one another resourceful medium of interaction.


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