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The Most Important Recent Innovations in Gambling Sphere

Three decades ago, the monopoly of land-based casinos was absolute. In the 90s, online casinos first appeared. A decade after that, the first mobile casinos appeared. It seemed that something else could be invented in the gambling industry later. Today, we want to talk about the innovative technologies that are already used by casinos today.

An innovative strategy: what are operators using today?

Modern casinos are trying to provide as much comfort as possible to their audience and to distinguish themselves favorably among the competitors, therefore they are actively introducing and using the latest technologies for the development of the gambling business.

3D Slots

Back in the early 2000s, the best casino providers NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and others started to include 3D online slots and table games in their assortments and continue to do it today. In particular, the British company Betsoft implemented 3d graphics into its projects and became one of the leaders of the industry.

RFID technology

RFID is a way of identifying objects by radio signals. Owners of the gambling clubs introduce RFID into the casino chips to study which games they are used in. Such innovation allows them to predict the behavior of the participants with 99% accuracy. RFID is the ability to find the location of the token or disable it, which is especially useful in case of theft.

Face ID system

This system is aimed at preventing the access of underage participants, as well as people with gambling addiction or fraudulent intentions. It easily identifies if a person is included in a corresponding database.


Nowadays, 15% of the operators operate with Bitcoin, and over time, this figure will only grow. Gambling clubs are starting to provide their clients with the opportunity to choose the payment method convenient to them: cash, digital currency, cryptocurrency. Moreover, blockchain allows increasing speed and security for money transfer processing.

Online Concierge

Land-based casinos, including large Las Vegas establishments, are adopting online tools to make their gaming more productive. Visitors can use special services, applications, or chatbots, which are also called “online concierges”. They allow you to book a seat at the gaming table online, find out the necessary information, get bonuses, etc.

Automated check for COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some gambling clubs have introduced devices that can measure the temperature of a visitor using a special camera without contact. It also allows checking the presence of a mask on the face.


This technology promises a lot for the mobile Internet in general, and the gambling sphere in particular. Quick connection via smartphones and tablets will stimulate the creation of more complicated gaming products. The gadgets will support any system innovation in graphics and sound.

Nowadays, the gambling sphere has many fresh ideas to implement. Perhaps, further innovations will shape the future of the industry, and change the reality we are living in today.

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