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XNSPY, a Good Smartphone Monitoring App

In today’s society, children receive their first mobile phone (which is the same to say “smartphone”, these days) in a very young age – maybe too young, according to some opinions. Similarly, children tend to spend a great deal of time away from home, so it is useful to know where they are at each moment.

A parallel situation happens when an employer wants to know were his employees are. He wants this not because he is some kind of control freak, but rather to have data in order to increase efficiency and boost productivity. Smartphones are the obvious choice for obvious situation, as everyone has one nowadays and they can be tracked – let’s pass the moral and ethic issue of the subject.

In a market filled with parental control apps, XNSPY is a very strong competitor. Despite being recent, this app stands itself apart – above the hood, it is possible to find XNSPY’s installation fairly straightforward, directly from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, and it is a very easy to use app.

It is filled with useful features, as well. It allows the monitoring of contacts, phone calls, SMS, instant messenger chats, tracking of GPS location, emails, calendar entries, photos, videos, and all online activity in general. It also features a call recorder, as well as a way of remotely controlling the target smartphone or tablet – for example, toggling audio alerts, which will produce high alert noises.

All this is useful for parents worried about the safety of their kids but also for employers trying to get a closer control on the activities of their employees. If you are in any of those situations and, hopefully, want such an app with good intentions, then XNSPY might just be the ideal solution for your needs. Take a look on XNSPY’s site and get to know its prices.

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