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The new age payment solutions from Mahindra Comviva

The empowered customers of this new age have greater expectation for convenience from their payment solutions. While mobiles have become the best companion of humans; the different mobile financial solutions that offer personalized engagements and leapfrog beyond the traditional access mechanisms are in great demand. Staying aligned with this demand change; Mahindra Comviva has outlined an array of financial solutions to stay in step with the latest feature introductions such as HCE to become one of the first HCE solution providers.


Host Card Emulation, commonly referred to as HCE is an on-device technology allowing mobiles to perform card emulation on any NFC-enabled device. It arrives as an alternative to NFC technology for proximity payments and becomes different from the other available options as the device does not need to rely on an access to any secure element.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been around for quite decent time now but until now it hasn’t gained much acceptance in most parts of the world. Google put forward the HCE technology for the Android operating systems and with payment schemes like MasterCard, Visa and American Express; HCE is expected to become mobile payment system’s game changer.

Provided that only few respondents are ready to implement the HCE solution themselves, and most of them are interested in outsourcing it from some good HCE Solution Provider; Mahindra Comviva extends innovative solutions and developments for it. We have also signed a strategic agreement with Pole Secured Communicating Solutions of France, which is dedicated to mobile, wireless, contactless and secured proximity solutions. A key part of this collaboration remains the full assessment of the new cloud based technologies like Host Card Emulation Hybrid and Smart Tokenization. While HCE Hybrid is aimed at improving the security of HCE, adding to the hardware and contextual parameters; the smart tokenization is a smart way to enable P2P and P2M among other money transactions. It’ll also target at new innovations for mPOS solutions for the merchants using tokenization as well as cloud.

Mahindra Comviva always ensures to offer the latest features in the ecosystem of financial services. Mobile financial solutions enhance the opportunity to tap the rich potential of any service to generate revenue growth, customer loyalty and expansion of customer base. The next generation digital solutions being offered to the customers with the expansion of the arena of the Mobile financial solutions, is fully capable of taking banking beyond the internet and harnessing the power of the mobile-centric features.

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