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12 EdTech Online Tools to Improve Studying

At times, the studying process can be overwhelming to a good number of students. Whenever students decide to study, they are required to maintain a high level of concentration if they are to grasp anything. However, this is not often the case. With all the distractions around a student, chances are that they do not get to keep a level headed when studying which is a major contributory factor to the student’s poor grades. Not to mention the lack of other people can make it harder to learn, not having a teacher on hand to answers questions can be frustrating, not taking advantage from online study resources with platforms like Oneclass or Studocu, resulting spending more time alone than you’re used to can be disheartening. However, you do not have to be a victim. With the help of these awesome tools, you can greatly improve your studying process which can be translated to good grades eventually.

  1. StudyBlue
    1. StudyBlue
    StudyBlue is an awesome study tool that was designed to help users improve their studying process by providing them with flashcards, review sheets, quizzes study guides and other resources deemed necessary for studying. The tool boasts of having one of the largest and fastest growing libraries made up of online study materials with over 350 million user-generated digital notecards.
  2. Edublogs
    3. Edublogs
    Since the blog was created in 2005, students from all around the world have been using it for education blogging services. So far it is rated as the world’s most popular education blogging service. The versatility and ease of use are some of the strengths of the blog.
  3. Essaymama
    5. Essaymama
    Essaymama is a writing assistance agency that can boast of having a team of professional writers and PhD tutors who are ready to share their experience with students. The agency has an educational blog, which suggests such helpful information as writing tips and guides, educational infographics, list of useful students blogs, essay samples and others. Besides, the website suggest you to use such tools as Wordcounder, Citation Generator, Essay Writing Guide and Glossary of essay terms.
  4. 4Tests
    6. 4Tests
    Are you in the mood of testing your knowledge to know where you stand before taking on your finals? 4Tests is a tool dedicated to providing you with free practice exams to help you prepare yourself for your finals. Most students, if not all suffer from exam scare which is a major cause of failure. The tool goes beyond the normal expectations and serves the education and the test markets with free online practice exams.    
  5. HippoCampus
    8. HippoCampus
    As a student, you can use the tool to explore over 5,700 free videos that cover 13 different subject areas. These are all resources that can be used to help one improve their study process. Teachers can also create free accounts and customize them.
  6. StudyStack
    10. StudyStack
    The tool provides you with free flashcards that are essential for both serious and fun studying. You can create your own flashcards or better yet use sets that have been shared by other teachers and students.
  7. myHomework
    12. myHomework
    As the leading cross platform student planner, myHomework can easily be synchronised across the different devices to give you an easier access to the classes and assignments at any time and from anywhere.
  8. Examtime
    2. Examtime
    With Examtime, you get to transform your learning potential which places you at a high chance of scoring high grades. This free and unique learning platform is your answer to achieving academic success. You get to use the tool to create, discover and share some of the best learning resources available today.
  9. Funbrain
    4. FunBrain
    Funbrain is a resource packed tool with books and education games which can be played and enjoyed for a good course. You can buy a book from the platform which can help you study or better yet engage in fun but educative games which will equip you with some essential knowledge which is critical when it comes to improving your study process and grades as a whole. The main categories available here include: Math, Reading and Fun with each one of them having a sub-category of its own.
  10. Novelguide
    7. NovelGuide
    Novelguide is a website that is dedicated to providing educational supplement to enhance the understanding of both the classic and contemporary literature. By all means, the site is the premier free source for literary analysis on the web. Every week, Novelguide tries to improve on its services by adding more books for users.
  11. TedEd
    9. TedEd
    TedEd is a service dedicated to creating lessons that can be shared. You can find a library of lessons in form of educational videos which are all a representation of the collaborations between talented educators and animators.
  12. GradeHacks
    11. GradeHacks
    With GradeHacks, you are automatically guaranteed a better grade which is something that we all want.  Rated as the biggest and the best study skill program, Grade Hacks will help you learn how to become a better high school and college student by giving you better grades.

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