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Comparison of the top 10 power banks in India

Smartphones are undoubtedly are among the devices that are constant companion for our daily lives. However, most of the phones available in the market that focus on offering quality-resolution displays and high-end gaming performance are loaded with small battery units. A few smartphone makers have some smartphones in India with high battery capacity for long-lasting usage. However, the problem doesn’t changes for the users with devices having low battery capacity. The power bank accessories then come in the place to solve the issues of such consumers.

Users of the USB-powered devices can go for the power bank accessories, which allow them to recharge their devices in the time for no power backup. In India at the moment, several choices are on offer, so you might find it hard to choose the right power bank. So, let’s have a quick look on the comparison of the top 10 power banks in India at the moment, so you can decide the one easily.

Comparing top 10 power banks in India

Listed below are the top 10 power banks along with their best features available in the country at the moment.

10). Molife M-ML-MC9901 Power Bank


The Molife M-ML-MC9901 Power Bank is a budget-priced smartphone accessory for Rs 1,499. The device also comes with 8GB of internal storage, so you can use it as a portable storage device as well. The Molife M-ML-MC9901 comes with a 2,600mAh battery, which can be used to recharge a normal smartphone for a single time.

9). DigiFlip 6600mAh Power Bank


The DigiFlip 6600mAh Power Bank is among one of the best budget devices available in this segment from India’s biggest e-commerce giant Flipkart. Priced at just Rs 999, the device comes with a large 6,600mAh battery, two USB ports to charge more than one device at a time, an LED flash light, and 2A output port.

8). Microsoft DC-21 6,000mAh power bank


Microsoft recently launched its DC-21 6,000mAh power bank in the Indian market for Rs 3,499. The power bank come with a large battery and is being offered in multiple hues including orange, green, and white. The accessory comes with soft LED notification lights, fully charges in four hours, and has a micro-USB, and a USB port. As per the brand, the device keeps the remaining battery for six months with its discharging protection feature.

7). Sony CP-ELSL/C ULA portable charger


The CP-ELSL/C ULA portable charger is among the few offerings in the power bank arena from the Japanese tech giant. The device houses a small 2,000mAh Lithium Ion battery, but features a solid build quality. The device has cycle time of 500 times, and lets you charge one device at a time. Priced at Rs 950, it’s good for the users having devices with similar battery for a single recharge.

6). TYLT PowerPlant 5200


The TYLT PowerPlant 5200 comes with excellent build quality, and offers a power output of 2.1 A for fast charging of connected devices. Priced at Rs 2,500, the device comes with a flex micro-USB arm, two USB ports to charge more than one device simultaneously, over discharge protection, LED indicators, and more.

5). Lenovo PA 10400


The Lenovo PA 10400 beats the competition with its highly attractive price tag of around Rs 1,700. The accessory’s large battery can be fully charged under just five hours with a 2 Ampere charger. It offers a conversion rate of 80 percent, and lets you charge two devices at the same time. The power bank has LED indicators to show its charging power, and flaunts a glossy premium appearing design.

4). Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh


The Cheero Energy Plus 12,000mAh power bank offers fast charging along with a solid build quality. The power bank comes with LED light level indicators, a 2.1 A output port, and a 2 Ampere charger for fast charging. The device is up for grabs from the online stores for Rs 2,000 along with a free quality velvet pouch.

3). Ambrane P1040


Priced at around Rs 1,600, the Ambrane P1040 is among the few impressive power banks available in the country in the budget price range. The device comes with an impressive 10,400mAh battery, which gives you four or five full recharges of smartphones or digital devices carrying batteries of around 2,000mAh.

2). Xiaomi 10400mAh power bank

xiaomi power bank

Apart from offering budget-priced smartphones, Xiaomi also sells accessories like the 10,400mAh power bank. Priced at Rs 999, the Xiaomi 10,400mAh power bank can be considered as the best accessory in its category for the budget-conscious consumers. The device is capable of charging an iPhone for 4.5 times, and comes with LED indicators, a fast charging port, overcharge and discharge protection.

1). Intocircuit Power Castle 11200


The Intocircuit Power Caste 11200 is amongst one of the best budget-priced power banks available in India at the moment. Priced at around Rs 2,500, the Intocircuit Power Castle 11200 features a premium aluminium body, an LCD display to show the status of the device, four LED indicators, a large 11,200mAh inbuilt battery that is enough to charge several devices four to five times, and two USB output ports.

Wrap up:

The Intocircuit Power Castle 11200 appears to be the best power bank accessory available in India in budget prices. The device offers a large 11,200mAh battery along with a premium body at an attractive price tag of Rs 2,500. However, the other devices mentioned in this list cater different type of users in different price ranges. So, which one are you going for? Share with us all in the comments section.

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