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Four Benefits of Video Based Learning Today

Learning and transfer of knowledge is a process that requires some serious stimuli, something that is friendly enough to assist in knowledge transfer and also a social instance. Learning involves the acquisition of new knowledge by students and understanding of what is being taught through group study, lectures and interaction. In all this process key skill that is being articulated and expressed the most is the communication. How lectures and tutorials are communicated to students, affect directly to the learning and knowledge transfer level.


The better the communication process aided by strong communication skills, friendly stimuli and effective channel, the better and more efficient learning process will be. Much of the learning is done through the use of initial impression and understanding through all of our sensory capabilities. This involves both listening and seeing. Some research has identified, that much of what we learn is largely based on what we see and only a small percentage of what we hear. This means that the use of effective communication channel is extremely significant and essential. In the modern world today, technology helps us improve those communication skills in a much better way. There are various forms of assistance that can be adopted in order to make learning fun, efficient and strong. Today our post will talk about four benefits of video based learning, which has become an extremely popular concept or phenomenon among students as well as professionals.

Video based learning provides better communication opportunity

Using video based applications, brainstorming and communication becomes easier and seamless. Today, with the use of software like Skype and YouTube, one can literally catch what the other is doing, and this is one of the most efficient way of teaching. Similarly, using video based learning can help better the brainstorming sessions that usually organizations carry out, where multiple regional teams participate. This is also effective during a large conference.

Video based learning is a two way communication

Live video based learning sessions, is a two way communication, sitting anywhere and using anything from phones and tablet to computers. It is like you are sitting with the person teaching you and this increases the interaction, participation level as well as improve your learning massively. The ability to use two way communications through video applications, also allows teachers with many opportunities to find creative ways of giving out lectures and assignments. This is something that was never seen before and is a breakthrough in the way we learn.

It makes for a better understanding

Anything which is visual and has an aesthetic appeal is very easily processed by our brains. Compared to the words and audio, video is one of the easiest forms of transferring knowledge which needs to be memorized.

Cost Effective

In a large setup, video based learning is also very cost effective, especially if the lecture or tutorials involve multiple location. Imagine making just one video and putting it up on some platform so everyone can listen to or have access. This kind of activity reduces the cost to a great amount.

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John Kelly is the author of this post, who works with a technology firm that implements various technological based projects in schools to enhance learning. Nowadays he is connected with an essay writing company – AOneEssays to provide assistance and guidance to the students with the help videos and tutorials.

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