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Minecraft Xbox360 Edition: Review

First off I’d like to start by saying thank you to the staff for adding me to the blog team!

I will be here covering the Xbox360 reviews and tech. My first contribution will be this review on the Minecraft Xbox360 Edition game.

Introduction to Minecraft:


Minecraft is a “sandbox” game which players build/construct things out of textured cubes in a 3D world.

As hardcore console gamer this game was a great option for me to try out, Minecraft along with Run escape and World Of Warcraft are the most played games for the PC, it is pretty simple to get the idea of and you can get crafting/mining in no time at all, the game is basically a big sandbox built up of  cubes, the base of the world is “bedrock” a non-mine-able texture and expands 4 blocks up from the base of the map, the main types/textures of cube that form the land are dirt, sand, and stone, the map is roughly 300 blocks edge to edge , is 64 blocks up from sea level and 64 blocks below sea level including bedrock, also within the game you can mine tree’s to form wooden planks, then craft them with a crafting bench to make sticks to then form mining tools made out of wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond there is also many other things you can mine and or do in Minecraft.


Well the gameplay and features on the Xbox360 version of Minecraft are somewhat limited to what’s available on the PC Version, pistons have only just been recently added, the game modes also lack the variations as the PC version, you are limited to “Survival Mode” whereas the PC has Survival, Creative and Classic they are pretty self-explanatory all by Creative mode is simply you have unlimited resources to hand and not have the cumbersome job of having to mine it all and I am personally not too sure about classic ha-ha 😀

Many features and items have yet to be added to the console version of this awesome game due to the complexity of coding in C++ XNA studio, I for one know this from my attempts at coding an Xbox game, but that does not mean to say it isn’t just as good, not only are the controls a lot easier but it also means you don’t need to have an above average PC to play the game, I’d highly suggest anyone reading this to turn on their console and head over to the marketplace to download the trial version of the game and see for yourselves as I can go on and on about how amazing this game is, if anyone wishes to play online for a tour/demo on one of my worlds after first purchasing the full game just add my XBL gamer tag “Kamakazi Haribo” and send me a message to say you’re following up on this post 😀

Hope everyone enjoyed my review (is xD) feel free to leave a comment regarding anything you think needs editing/adding.

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