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Leave Your Wallet Home without Worrying About the Payments

Buying new products have seen a lot of changes over the ages; first there was the barter system, then came the gold coins and finally paper money. Paper money has also seen many changes and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is living the last days of its life.


Why people don’t like paper money?

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you didn’t have enough money? Or you had to go through hoops to just pay for something? Or you forgot your wallet at home?

That is some of the things that can go wrong with the traditional money. Now you might say that those problems aren’t with the credit or debit cards. But trust us, they do have their own problems. The cards can break and if you leave your wallet home, then you are left with nothing, whether it is the paper money or your credit cards.

So what is that one thing that can rule them all? Of course, it’s mobile payment, specifically tap and pay. It’s a new technology that is bound to replace every type of money there is.

Why’s that? Because all you need is your Smartphone to make any payment. Now you can leave your bulky wallet or cash clips home as long as you have your mobile phone. And let’s face it, no one is ever without their mobile.

If you are wondering that how does tap and pay work, then you need to wonder no more because we are going to explain it to you. So read on: 

The Basics:

So what exactly do you need for the mobile payments to work? It’s called an NFC chip or a Near Field Communication. This technology allows to communicate between two devices in a short range. Both devices need to have an NFC chip to communicate with each other.

This device can work in two modes; one way communication and two way communication. In one way communication, only one device sends the data and it is used for contactless payments. In a two way communication, both devices send data to each other like contacts, pictures etc.

Are these payments secure?

If you are thinking that whether this method is secure, then it is. The security aspect has been built into the standard itself. The security of the NFC chip is built into the hardware so it is very difficult to hack the NFC chip.

Software and hardware attacks can be performed on the NFC, but it will resist any attack that is thrown at it.

How can you pay using mobile payments?

Making payments from mobile is really easy. You just have to open the application or the “wallet” that holds all the information of your credit cards or bank account and just tap a button to make your payment. That’s how easy it is.

In the recent years, many retailers and stores have started offering the customers with NFC payments. So you don’t have to worry that when will this technology see its widespread use because in a few years or so, you won’t find a store without mobile payments.


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