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How Artificial Intelligence Driven Startups Are Influencing Education Industry

Learning is an important part of human life. It is mostly inevitable. This is why billions are invested in learning sector. As technology continues to advance, people are discovering new ways of improving learning experience. For instance, Artificial Intelligence is being used in student industry to improve learning experiences. Among the roles of IA in the education sector include;

Personalized help

Artificial Intelligence provides personalized learning outside the traditional classroom. It helps students to improve their skills.

As a source of motivation

AI is taking over the role of instructors. This is not only in providing basic information bout also in motivating learners.

Meeting individual needs

AI help instructors in meeting individual student’s needs. It helps in identifying individual needs. It also guides instructors in the best learning materials to cater for these needs.


Through Artificial Intelligence, industry mentors are connected to students in real-time. Students, individually or as a group can access the mentors and get learning motivation.

Instant grading

Through IA, grading is automated. This means that students are able to know their performance in real-time. This way, they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses at the right time. By improving on strengths and working on the weaknesses, these students are able to achieve their learning goals. This is leading to improved student learning.

Access to various learning resources

With Artificial Intelligence, students are able to access a wide variety of learning resources. They can access e-books and links to a range of other resources like topics generators, citations, and plagiarism checkers. Most of these resources are employed by write my essay online companies to ensure high quality papers are delivered.

Artificial Intelligence disrupting student industry

Clearly, AI is playing huge roles in disrupting student industry. Learning is now more accessible and effective across the globe. This is why established learning institutions are adopting A1as part of teaching and learning. This is especially needed for students who lack access to physical learning opportunities.

Due to the benefits of AI in the education sector, various startups are emerging promoting use of AI . These startups have great potential in changing IA student industry for the better. In the following section, we provide a list of 10 startups that will change the Artificial Intelligence student industry for the better. These are:

  • Intelligent tutoring services
  • Customized learning materials
  • Immersion technology
  • Improved data collection services
  • Use of face and voice analysis
  • Smart learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Virtual learning assistant
  • Speech-to-text tool
  • Smart study

Keep reading to see how these Artificial Intelligence-driven startups are influencing students’ industry.

1. Intelligent tutoring

This service uses data to work with students directly and provide feedback. The tool is designed to support tutor approaches to student difficulties. This kind of startup gives students another source of help outside the classroom. Students no longer need to rely on parents and teachers who are rarely available. They can learn difficult concepts through Artificial Intelligence. With time the system will be more advanced increasing use of AI in student industry.

2. Customized learning materials

Through Artificial Intelligence, people are using course and syllabus outline to produce customized learning materials. For instance, they produce customized textbooks. This trend will continue to advance application of Artificial Intelligence in the education sector.

3. Immersion technology

Startups offering immersion technology will definitely change AI for the better. The purpose of this technology is making learning less boring. For instance, businesses are integrating augmented reality in smart devices allowing students to see and interact with what they are reading. Through the help of IA, students are able to access individualized and tangible learning experience. Such start-ups will change the Artificial Intelligence student industry for the better

4. Improved data collection services

With the help of AI, Start-ups are developing better data collection strategies. Their purpose is helping students to improve their performance. The service collects data from online tests and does analysis of performance. After several tests, the Artificial Intelligence software learns the learning pattern of every student. With this data, the system recommends areas that need improvement. It recommends better learning materials. It also predicts future performance. The data can guide teachers in customizing and personalizing learning for every student. The start-up will impact the AI student industry positively.

5. Use of face and voice analysis

Some start-ups such as Hanwang are using face and voice analysis during video tutoring sessions. This service is improving learning process especially in areas suffering from instructor shortage. The technology acts as a replacement of instructors improving the learning experience.

6. Smart learning

Companies are creating smart toys Artificial Intelligence med at improving learning through improved games. For example, start-ups like Elemental Path are creating smart toys that kids engage with through real-time communication that is based on speech.

7. Personalized learning

There are start-ups that are providing adaptive learning technology to personalize learning environment. For instance, Fishtree enables teachers to use more engaging and personalized lessons. The system also supports powerful analytics enabling teachers to monitor students’ progress. Another example is the Edtech startup Vedantu. The startup uses AI -based technology to help students get personalized learning. Through live online tutoring, students are able to access a more engaging, and effective learning process. The tutorials imitate traditional classroom. The difference is that there is no physical instructor or learner.

8. Virtual learning assistant

Virtual learning assistant startups help student improve on critical thinking skills. Startups such as Cogni are using AI -based products to offer a virtual learning assistant. It offers conversational technology that guides students through open-format responses. Other benefits of the technology include offering customized service, one-on-one tutoring, and providing real-time feedback.

9. Speech-to-text tool

Startups are using AI to develop speech-to-text tool improving learning for learners. AI -based technology helps learners in taking notes, practicing vocabularies, and taking tests. For instance, KidSense startup uses AI algorithms to translate the speech of children, privately and accurately.

10. Smart study

Smart study startup helps students to know the most relevant materials for studying. For instance, Quizlet Learn offers adaptive plans. The startup uses AI to help guide students in the most relevant studying materials.


AI is influencing almost every industry. Student industry is not left behind. With application of AI, the learning process is improving. Students are able to access greater and more effective learning experiences leading to improved outcomes. But, the impact is still growing. It is expected that Artificial Intelligence will have even greater positive impact on education sector. For instance, we have provided a list of 10 startups that will change the Artificial Intelligence student industry for the better. In the next few years, we expect greater use of Artificial Intelligence in student industry. This will definitely change how education is acquired and delivered.

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