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Choosing a Good Location for Your Toronto Business

The location of your business could be the deciding factor in whether it does well and has a lot of success or not. Putting your business in the wrong location could be detrimental, and rushing into buying a building somewhere is never a good idea. People will be able to locate your business by using the internet, so as long as you register a web address for your new company, potential customers will be able to find out where you are. However, there are good and bad places for different types of businesses in Toronto.



  1. Food businesses
    If you’re trying to open a food business in Toronto, you should first be aware of the amount of competition that you’ll face. Dundas Square in an excellent place in downtown Toronto for food places and restaurants, since it’s always very busy and there are always people wanting to eat. However, there are many established restaurants in the area, and with Tim Horton’s jut down the road, there’s always the danger that people will choose their old favourites rather than choosing a new business.
  2. Clothing businesses
    With a wide range of malls covering Toronto and the surrounding areas, it’s easy to find a spot to set up a new clothes shop. However, it’s important to choose the best mall for your specific business. If you’re trying to be more upmarket and your clothes are priced rather expensively, don’t choose a mall such as Fairview which targets a younger audience and lots of students. Choose a mall which targets an older audience and those who are in full-time work. These people will go to more expensive shops since they’ll be able to afford the type of items they’ll come across.
  3. Subway stations
    If you’re planning to open a business downtown, you should try to situate it so it is very close to a subway station. People are much more likely to see your business as soon as they get out of the station, and if they’ve found that you’re close to the station when they’ve searched on Google, they’ll be much more likely to pay you a visit. Having a business which is far from the subway stations could deter new visitors since not everybody is comfortable walking around the busy city.
  4. Convenience stores
    Opening a convenience store such as a Daisy Mart could mean a lot of financial success, but again, you have to make sure it’s opened in the right location. Shops like these tend to do very well when placed near schools, since many students will use the local shops for drinks, candy and food during their lunch breaks or when commuting to and from school.



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