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Link Building Strategies to Help Your Website Get More Traffic

Are you stumped when you think of ways to generate more traffic to your website? Consider the following time-tested link building strategies below:

Webinar Marketing

Webinar marketing is currently all the rage, and it doesn’t how any signs of slowing down. This is because it accomplishes a few important goals: First, the content is highly shareable.

Second, webinars can be consumed on a variety of mobile devices, which is crucial for today’s digital marketers. Third, people enjoy consuming content that allows for deep dives into topics, especially when the content is educational. Smart marketers understand this, and they infuse their content with links in a couple of ways.

If they’ve created a webinar comprised of a slide deck, then they can easily insert links within the content, in the webinar’s title, and in the description area. If the webinar is a streaming visual or an audio, then the link can be included in the description box.

Streaming video marketing

Streaming videos can encompass webinars, but they can also be comprised of other forms of media. For example, branded commercials are often posted on streaming media platforms. And it’s becoming very common for podcasters to post audio content on streaming platforms, too.

Regardless of what the content contains, the marketer can issue a verbal call for end-users to visit a particular site, and they can include the link in the description box area.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most pervasive methods of building links. Think about forms of digital marketing such as pay per click advertising (PPC), re-targeting, or placement advertising. When end-users click on the featured URL link or the ad itself, it will lead them to the landing page you wish for them to read.

As such, it’s to your advantage to utilize different ads so that you can promote your targeted links with as much reach as possible.

Social media marketing

Of course, social media marketing is also pervasive for those who wish to create a link building strategy. The key is to understand how to generate traffic in a way that’s native to each social media platform.

For example, there are platforms that are best for sharing short bursts of info along with your link. Conversely, there are a couple of platforms that are best for engagement, interaction, and long-form content. And then there’s the platforms that are best for sharing visual content such as videos and photos.

But no matter which social media platform you choose, making sure that you’re sharing attractive and engaging content will help you tremendously with building traffic.

Guest blogging still works

Guest blogging is still a strategy that many marketers use in order to generate links back to their sites. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine recommends this is a viable strategy. Not only should you aim for guest posting opportunities, you should aim for regular columnist opportunities. Being a columnist will offer you regular chances for getting your links out there to a captive audience.

If you’d like to additional strategies, then use PureLinq as a link building solution. When you use PureLinq as a link building solution, then you’ll gain access to bloggers, marketers, and authors who will help you to increase your opportunities for site traffic.

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