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Why Companies Are Using YouTube to Grow Their Business

People love the close communicative feel brought about by videos. For this reason, video marketing has been a dominant means of encouraging consumers to purchase your products ever since TVs first appeared. This type of advertising is engaging, and strong video ads have a powerful and potentially long-lasting impact on their audience.

Although TV commercials are still an important means of advertising, nowadays marketing channels such as YouTube provide an impressive platform that any savvy marketer can take advantage of. Thanks to affordable technology and the explosion of internet use worldwide, search engines can actually be one of the most significant ways in which to reach potential customers. Without it, your company may be missing a huge slice of the advertising market.


Many businesses ranging from the local mom and pop shop down the street to large multinational companies are able to take advantage of YouTube to grow their business. Every serious business owner should be considering it as an important piece of their marketing strategy. Here’s why:

A YouTube Takeover?

Social media networks have become the most powerful means to target a specific audience out there. Nearly 65 percent of adults have some sort of social networking account, and with modern technology it is relatively easy for marketers to identify where their ads are likely to have the biggest impact. Even the majority of government agencies are using social media as a means to communicate with a larger audience.

YouTube is actually more than just a popular social media outlet. Rather, it is actually a search engine, just like Google or Bing, with over 1 billion users. The platform is designed to allow anyone to easily upload, watch, and share videos. It is one of the single most visited websites in the world today.

There are many, many reasons to have a YouTube channel as part of your marketing scheme. For instance, demonstrating products on YouTube can give potential customers a means of evaluating what you are offering and building greater trust in your company. Quality videos that engage customers can also help build your company’s authority on specific subjects, making you a dependable resource.

Marketing on YouTube

Getting started on YouTube with your video marketing strategy is actually far easier than most people think. Most beginners can get by with just a smartphone or a laptop camera. Of course, if you are a serious business trying to market products, it will be necessary to purchase some video-making equipment in order to produce high quality video.

YouTube provides a substantial amount of data to marketers to help them better place ads and find new potential customers so you will not be doing much speculative advertising. For example, YouTube allows marketers to see things like contextual user intent. This means if someone is searching for a tutorial on braiding hair, it would make sense to show them your company’s ad about new hair ties.

Marketers on YouTube can also take advantage of settings that place ads based on a consumer’s online behavior and previously visited websites, specific videos that have been viewed, or a user’s demographic background or geographic location. Since over 3 billion searches occur and 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month, your company has a huge potential to reach the right audience. More people watch YouTube than any one television channel and the majority of these searches and video views are happening on mobile devices

Making Your YouTube Marketing a Success

Once you have your channel off the ground, the next steps is to work towards making your YouTube channel a major success. One trick is to find interesting ways to convey your message as quickly as possible. People love a good video, but they also love a short video and if yours is too long, your message could be quickly lost.

Luckily there a quite a few other companies out there that can be used as an example of a successful YouTube marketing campaign. Take Amazon for instance. The company uses its YouTube channel to publish commercials, explain how to use certain products, and to offer up smart business tips. Amazon has a huge variety of products, so the company has a lot of freedom in creating unique how-to videos that ultimately link back to products sold by the company.

Blendtec is another example of a highly successful YouTube marketing strategy. The company is behind the incredibly popular Will it Blend? videos that showcase the power of their blenders by using them to blend up uncommon things including an iPhone. There are almost a million subscribers to the channel and many of the videos have well over a million views.

YouTube has become an almost essential piece of the marketing puzzle. The search engine takes advantage of our love for video and provides an easy to use and informative platform for marketers. As you are taking steps to develop a winning YouTube channel, be sure to check out some of the other most successful campaigns out there.

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