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Amazing Things to Know About Mobile Apps – Do You Know? (Infographic)

Well we are quite sure that you might already know about mobile apps. In fact some of you are also using mobile apps either for playing games, instant messaging apps, health and fitness apps, photo editing apps, fashion apps etc. Some of the mobile apps are pre- installed in your Smartphone and the others are the ones that you download and install from app store like Google Play, Apple app store, Windows Phone store etc as per the operating system like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Do you have any idea about the biggest App stores?

Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.. Well if you had the same answer then you were right.
Okay so as you are a mobile app user do you know how many apps are downloaded worldwide?

Any rough idea…..? Well the figure is in billions.

You can learn a lot more interesting things and facts about Mobile Apps in the infographic below created by the team at Web Track Studio a complete website solution company.

Hurry up have a look at the infographic below, like it and share it with others too.

Amazing-Things-About-Mobile-Apps-Infographic (Web Track Studio)

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