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How To Amplify Mobile Signals

The common belief is that mobile signals consist of radio signals, which is untrue. In mobile or rather in the telecommunication industry transmission is done through microwave signals. This is a signal in the electromagnetic frequency range that falls between frequencies of 300MHz and 300GHz, and therefore are having a higher frequency and energy level than radio waves. 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz are the common frequencies used in mobile communication industry. Today mobile communication has been developed from 2G, 3G to 4G. If not routed by microwave guides, microwaves are having a line-of-sight propagation method. Antennas are use in telephone towers (BTSs) and mobile devices to capture the relevant microwave channels that are made out from a number of frequencies and sub-channels. Each frequency is dedicated to a SMS, MMS or voice call. Due to poor signal levels mobile subscribers face issues such as call drops, failures in SMS deliveries, frequent automatic disconnections in the internet connection etc.

How To Boost Mobile Signals

To overcome the problems mentioned in the later part of the previous paragraph, a small device by the name of mobile phone signal booster or cell phone repeater has been introduced by MyAmplifiers. This is a small device that could be afforded by any individual and consists of an external antenna, amplifier and connecting cable. The mechanism of the device is not that complicated. Its antenna broadcasts or receives microwave signals either from a BTS or mobile device. The amplifier is placed indoors and boosts or amplifies the signal. And the cable connects these two together. Depending on the coverage area repeaters can be classified as devices amplifying mobile signals in a small office, room or vehicle etc.


How to choose the suitable mobile phone signal booster?

Before purchasing a booster there are several questions you ought to find answers which will automatically point in the direction of the ‘ideal repeater’. What is the coverage area of the booster? What is the quality you expect from the amplified signal? What is your current signal level? How many careers you need to amplify? These are some examples for target questions you need to find answers. Based on your answers the price of the device will be determined. The more sophisticated your requirements are inevitably the higher the price will be. Therefore be careful not to fall in the temptation of purchasing unwanted hi-tech signal repeaters.

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