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Complete overview of MT4 extensions

Since 2005, when the MetaTrader 4 platform was released, developers have come up with and implemented a considerable number of extensions. Additional services help to improve the functioning of the exchange, make it faster and more efficient. In addition, plugins simplify the interaction with the trading platform by automating routine processes. Certain programs allow you to increase user loyalty using discounts and bonuses.

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Even with the extensive basic functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform, you cannot work without plugins to multiply the trading turnover of an exchange and expand your business. We will talk about applications that can be integrated with MT4 and their benefits for entrepreneurs.

MetaTrader 4 extensions

Liquidity management

The first thing exchange owners are concerned with is market depth. The more offers for each financial instrument, the more transactions take place on an exchange to the benefit of all parties. Traders prefer to trade where spreads are smaller and orders are rarely, if ever, rejected. Both brokers and the exchange owner receive income from each operation.

Instruments for aggregation and liquidity management:

● liquidity bridge;

● liquidity management center.

Client bonuses

This includes all the tools that allow exchange participants to earn extra money. For example, a trader may receive a bonus from an affiliate program or gets a cashback from transactions. Personal promotions and discounts on commission fees may also be provided to traders. Here we have added transaction copying services (auto-following strategies), which help beginners earn money by repeating the operations of successful traders. This contributes to the expansion of the audience and the retention of old customers.

Working with data

These plug-ins are provided in order to systematize the required information, clean it of irrelevant data, compress, simplify the loading of user interfaces from external sources and automated reporting. The task of applications is to update information, reduce the time spent on processing and searching. Such plugins also take the load off the platform itself, improving its speed.

Trade control and risk management

In order for your transactions not to incur losses, you need to control the trading process. It is impossible to monitor a business 24/7, so there are plugins that automate management and control. They stop trading if something goes wrong, block the excessive use of leverage, and instantly inform participants about changes in orders.

Financial management

A number of plug-ins allow you to track account status, manage commissions for exchange participants, set spread limits – that is, optimize the financial component.

Other plugins

In addition to the above, there are many other services that improve an exchange’s software component, simplify interaction and expand functionality, optimizing its operation as a whole.

How to connect additional plugins for MT4

To connect MT4 tools, you will need the help of a technical specialist. An expert will help with plugin installation, configuration and technical support so that they work smoothly and improve the financial performance and the exchange’s performance parameters.

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